Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Introducing.. Baby Pauline

When a baby is born a connection is made instantly between the baby and her parents. Nothing shows the connection more then when I start fussing with the baby and try to put her at ease and BOTH parents come to my side and start fussing right along side of me. I love to watch them interact with their baby and watch their baby respond to them. If babies could talk at this age they would get the whole world handed to them right this minute.

Baby Pauline may you always know how much LOVE your parents hold for you, may you always be the sparkle in your daddy's eyes. ( I noticed it while he was trying to make you stop crying), you hold both your parents hearts in the palm of your little hand, and with your beautiful name I know you hold the hearts of your namesakes family as well..

Congratulations Tuikolovatu Family she is so beautiful..