Friday, April 29, 2011

Reno, NV wedding

I'm way behind on my blogging..

I had a great time in Reno, NV where I shot a wedding.. I met great people and had tons of fun and laughed and laughed and laughed.. Here are 3 of my most favorite shots. The rest I will save for the bride to reveal..

Thank you Mr and Mrs Sekona and family for being a great host and showing all Reno has to offer, I cant wait to come back..

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Meet the Taumalolo Family

This boy had my heart at hello..

I heart this family.. Yes I finally jumped on the I HEART bandwagon.. lol.. I've known the momma of this family HER whole life.. lol. ( I just really dated myself with the whole HER life thing.. lol) She use to come to Utah every break she had, summer, Christmas, Spring Break and every break in between and you guessed it she stayed at our house she was really really really close to my sister, in fact those two have soooo many funny stories about everything they've done they really should write a book.. Or start a blog.. In fact Sophia I would like to know how you got so good at climbing rocks in high heels.. haha haha ha..

Joe thanks for putting up with my niece and my sister I guess, since they are connected at the hip.. lol.. Your a very patient man, you remind me of someone I know oh I remember my sisters husband.. haha haha..

Monday, April 25, 2011

Meet the Sundin/Satini Family

I use to work for JC Pennys Portrait Studio a long time ago and worked their for about 6 years. This is the last family picture and I'm happy to say I was the photographer on this one and am still the family photographer.. Wow... I'm getting waaay OLD.. lol..

Finally an UPDATED family photo..

I've always wanted an alley shot of my family, but never got around to it man I wish I would of saved this alley one for my family.. ha ha ha..

A bunch of Mommas boys.. lol

Gotta love the daddy/daughter shots..

Ohhhh to look like this after 2 kids.. lol. Whats your secret?

Can I just tell you I lalalalala LOVE this family.. The good looking momma is my sister/cousin you know everyone has one of those, the cousin that really is a sister, well when your from a family as big as mines you have lots of cousins and some are sister/cousins.. I was honored when she called me up and asked for family photos because finally everyone was home for the weekend. I was more then happy to oblige..

This family was so much fun to photograph, the jokes were funny the loving threats were even funnier (inside joke.. lol). Even though the parents are divorced they have a great relationship and are always together when it comes to the kids... This photograph was the request of the children for an actual family photo.. I hope you all like it..

Friday, April 15, 2011

Jarrett Taumalolo.. Mountain View High home of the Bruins..

Jarrett Taumalolo is a senior at Mountain View High School home of the Bruins.. Jarrett has a big heart and has always cared about the people he loves, I could tell this the first time I met him, very polite and always asking auntie Alisi what she thinks.. (why can't I have a son like this.. lol)

He has played baseball and football his whole life, but has chosen to focus on his education after he graduates from high school, (again why? lol..) he will attend UVU, and its only up for him from there.. Through all of his challenges he has accomplished a lot, and has always made his family proud.

Jarrett your family cant wait to see what you accomplish in your future..

May you always remember your accomplishments in high school and may that memory carry you through all your accomplishments in life..

Salesi Havili... Orem High home of the TIGERS...

Salesi plays baseball for Orem High School, and when he's not being cool on the baseball field he likes to hang out with his friends and family.. Salesi bowls every Wednesday ( I wanna sing that song from Grease 2, you know the one "Lets boooowl tonight.." Ok maybe not your time.. lol..) and also is an outdoors kid he likes to camp. So basically he's your typical ALL AMERICAN boy..

He has a great outlook on life, and a great personality to go along with it, whatever life throws at him he knows he'll be just fine. (wish I knew that at his age.. lol). Salesi will be attending Dixie College in St. George, Ut after he graduates, don't worry I know what your thinking good looking kid in a college town.. Ohhhh his momma has other plans, she's already hooked him up with a job to work on the weekends.. Gotta love it, MOMMA knows best.. lol..

Salesi is the youngest son of Alisi Havili, and he loves his MOM very much.. (She made me put that.. lol)

Salesi may your future hold nothing but the sky and beyond for you, congratulations on your upcoming graduation..

Friday, April 8, 2011

Sneak Peek... The Lomu kids..

I had a great time hanging out with these kids.. I felt right at home with my own 2 toddlers.. lol..

More to come..

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Gabe... Class of 2011

Gabe is a senior at Hunter High School home of the Wolverines.. Although from the vibe I was getting from his sisters, they are still die hard T-Ville.. lol..

Gabe is an ALL-AMERICAN type of boy he is loved by everyone and plays every sport possible.. Not only does he play every sport he is actually GOOD at every sport, on the football field he can do it all running back, quarterback and receiver.. I cant wait to see what the future holds for Gabe I know he's gonna do college BIG..

P.s. Magoo you do the best "Dougie".. Where is my video camera when I really need it.. lol..