Sunday, May 29, 2011

Meet the Leakehe Family....

Ohhhh if I could only control the weather.. I WISH I OWNED A WEATHER WAND...

Meet the Leakehe family... This was suppose to be a BIGGER VAENUKU family photo shoot but weather did not permit that. We had been praying and waiting for the weather to clear up and thought around 3pm we would still give it a go because it had cleared up and the sun had started peeking through, so we decided to meet at 5pm at our location, I arrived at 4pm and it still looked good, so I waited right around 5pm rain clouds got darker I snuck this family in real quick for some shots and then it started to really rain.. After an hour of waiting we called it off, and had to reschedule.. Hopefully these family photos keeps everyone excited for the REAL family photo shoot..

Thanks Again Nata for being patient.. Cant wait for the real one..

Monday, May 23, 2011

Granger High School.. Class of 2011.. Lati Valele

Lati is a senior at Granger High School home of the Lancers.. (Don't worry K-town I represented!! If that's even how you say that phrase, my kids would die if they read this.. lol..)

After waiting on a mistake on the first apt, we were both at the same park on different ends waiting for each other after an hour of waiting we both left, called each other and realized we were on different ends.. (that was the short part of a long story.. lol) we finally met, what a beautiful young women so full of life and so ready to be out of high school.. Weren't we all? lol..

Lati will be attending LDS Business College after graduation and is ready for all the hard work it takes to go to that school, she really seems to have her head on right..

Lati congratulations on your upcoming graduation, your sooooo ready to take on the world..

Lesson Learned from this Photo shoot: When you are posing your subject and one of the sticks on the ground starts moving... Ummmmm RUN, its not a STICK and scream "SNAKE< SNAKE< SNAKE"... lol.. Your a good sport Lati..

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Kearns High School.. Class of 2011.. Lehua Ama

Finally a photo shoot after my own heart.. (Yes I went to Kearns.. lol).

Lehua is a senior at Kearns High School home of the Cougars, but don't let that be the only title she holds, she is also a Cheerleader (one of the most spirited ones at that) and she is one of the SBO's, she loves Kearns High and everything that has to do with it, she loves the teachers, the students, the spirit there she just loves KEARNS.. Really who could blame her.. ha ha..

Lehua plans on attending UVU after graduation and from there I think she said she was going to rule the world.. LOL.. She really didn't say that but when you spend some time with her you start to think she could one day..

Lehua congratulations on your graduation. Always remember that this is just the beginning of your life and no matter where you go and or end up in life, Kearns will always have a place in your heart.. ( So I'm a little one sided on this Kearns thing.. haha haha)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Class of 2011... Cecilia Fehoko

This beautiful young women Cecilia is a senior at Granger High School home of the Lancers, (yes I wore a Kearns High sweatshirt during this shoot.. lol life long rivals.. ) When I first told some friends I was going have a photo session with this young lady, all I heard back was "Oh she's really pretty" or "Oh she's beautiful", I had never met her so I was actually excited to see her after all the compliments.. Needless to say she did not disappoint.. Wow they weren't exaggerating, she's is so beautiful. Add to that a great personality and she plays sports, basketball to be exact, point guard and shooting guard if your wondering.. Cecilia will be continuing on with her education she is planning on playing ball for a JC college which one she's going to surprise us..

Cecilia thank you so much for allowing me to take your senior photos, your such a beautiful girl and I totally can see you on a billboard or in a magazine that's how HOT you are.. lol..

Oh and by the way we (Cecilia and I) have nothing to say to the two HATERS that came along for the photo shoot...haha haha hah aha ha

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Meet the Mounga Family

Have you ever met a family that if you were to close your eyes you would think you were standing in the middle of your own family.. That's the feeling I have with this family.. Meet the Mounga family. This family shoot was so much fun, the boys act just like my boys which depending on which kid it is it could be a good or a bad thing.. lol.. The parents are the perfect example of how to be, they love their children, their life is their children, they support them 100% in whatever the kids choose to do and they support each other 100%.. I love it.. The feeling you get with this family is one of "togetherness". During our shoot the kids were perfect, smiled on demand, stood where they were asked to stand, right when our shoot was done they went straight to wrestling and trying to make the other one cry.. Yep just like HOME for me.. lol..

Maile and Sueli I cant express how grateful I am that your family has come into my family's life. Its hard to find friends where we connect on almost every level.. Thank you so much for all you do for our family and especially for loving my boys when they crash at your house (and eat everything there.) you both are truly who I want to be like when I grow up.. haha haha..
Thanks for allowing me to capture your first REAL family photo... Enjoy..

Monday, May 9, 2011

Class of 2011.... Tevita K Kauvaka (kiki)...

I love to photograph seniors especially when they are my nephews.. Kiki is an athlete, but not just an athlete he's one of those type of athletes that can pick up ANY sport and play anything and master it.. I mean master it so when he's done you will think he's been playing that sport his whole life.. Kiki is the 2nd oldest and is very mature for his age, he understands the meaning of responsibility and is always helping with his younger siblings, his momma raised him right.. Kiki plans on furthering his education (not sure yet on which college though..) and then will serve an LDS mission when he turns 19yrs old.. After that he says he's not sure so we'll see.. lol..

Kiki thanks for allowing me take your senior photos ( I know you had NO CHOICE..), I already know there are BIG things in your future and I'm excited to watch you grow into adulthood and make your mark in this world.. Congratulations Kiki, hey if anything you def. could be a model.. so handsome..
Oh and a special thank you to the open warehouse by my house, for being there with some cover, if you cant tell there is a bad rain storm going on around us... Thanks for being a sport Kiki and smiling in the rain...

Do you see what I have to put up with... haha haha..

Sunday, May 8, 2011

I had such a fun time with Lilian and her mother, I love seeing great mother/daughter relationships its just nice to see how they make each other laugh and the way they smile at each other.. Its great.

Lilian is down for anything and I loved it, anything I asked her to do for a shot she was up for it.. Lilian is a bit of a tomboy, she wanted to jump off trees, swing from one to another I told her I wasn't that kind of photographer and we both laughed. I found an UNDER CONSTRUCTION house and wanted a shot in the window seal that still barely stood, she jumped on bricks and the old roof which laid on the ground now just to get to it.. And it was a great shot, we found an old door and took some of her in the frame of it and I told her I wanted the old door, she laughed and yelled "Mom back up the van lets take the door." I laughed and said "My husband would come back and grab it." before I knew it the van was backed up and we loaded the door, now that I've confessed to lifting an old door from a old broken down house I'll be waiting for the police to show up to my door.. lol..

Lilian thanks for hanging out with me, and congratulations on your upcoming graduation.. After graduation the sky will be the limit..

OH and by the way... Where is my cd? haha haha ha

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Class of 2011.. Mr Bloomfield..

I'm sad to say I've known this senior from birth, yes I admit it BIRTH (totally just dated my self). I can not believe how much he has grown and what a gentlemen he has turned out to be. He greets you with a smile and is always polite when asked to do things.. Tevita has come a long way and has accomplished so much in his life and is beginning to see that his talents and his attitude can take him everywhere. But when you talk with him you can honestly tell FAMILY is first with him, and he understands why. Vita ( is what he goes by) is the oldest out of 9 kids he knows little eyes are watching him..

Tevita I cant wait to see you in action at the University level, your talents will carry you far in life but your great attitude will take you the rest of the way. May you always have your hometown boy charm and your mommas boy smile, I only see great things from you Vita. Congratulations on your upcoming graduation..