Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Class of 2010... Benjamin TJ Mapa

Benjamin Mapa is a senior at Hunter High School, home of the Wolverines. This is the first time I've met Benjamin when we first started our photo session, he seemed kinda nervous wondering if I'm weird or what.. I finally convinced him that I was probably going to be one of the coolest women (besides him mom of course) he was ever going to meet.. He couldn't stop laughing after that.. (I'm not sure if he was laughing at me or with
Benjamin has a certain demeanor to him, he seems calm and very well raised (you did good Nia) but you can also tell he has the "LIFE OF THE PARTY" personality to him. I love the way he looks at his mom for approval, when I asked him questions about his life, what he wanted to do, what he aspired to be, every time he answered he looked at her just to see her smile. I can tell there is a strong mother/son bond its as if they share a secret or an inside joke and only they get it...
Benjamin will be attending the U of U after graduation while preparing to serve a full time LDS mission after that he will continue his education. I asked Benjamin if he was happy to be graduating he smiled, looked at his mom and said "Yes", I said "Your probably going to sleep the whole week after." He laughed nodded his head NO and said "There's lots to do after I have lots of plans."
Benjamin may you always have the attitude of "LOTS OF THINGS TO DO", and may nothing slow you down.. May you also take your mother along for the ride with you, and may you always look to her for approval because the things she approves of will always take you far in life..

Monday, May 24, 2010

Class of 2010... Victoria Taulanga

Victoria is a senior at Highland High School, she is one of those over achievers you always here about.. lol.. You know the kind you swear your gonna be one of these days.. She plays basketball for Highland, and will be attending BYU Hawaii after graduation..
I have known Victoria for a long time, her mother and I are good friends.. (who cares that I married her relative, I knew her first before I married.. lol..) Victoria is loved by everyone she comes in contact with, even as a baby she was carried by everyone her mother had a hard time keeping track of her because everyone wanted her. I see she still has the same affect on people, when she showed up for her photo session she came with her own entourage.. A stylist, a cheer squad, a position boss (haha Maka), and of course her mother who still looks at Victoria like the world revolves around her, I can see it in her eyes..
Victoria may you know how many hearts you hold in the palm of your hand, and may you care that much in return for all of them.. May you understand how your smile, laughter and being affect your parents, your world is their world. May you learn to achieve all your meant to achieve in this life for your only going up from here.. And Victoria may you someday be able see all that everyone else sees in you..

Class of 2010... Inoke Felila

Inoke Felila is a senior at Kearns High School, home of the cougars.. K-TOWN...
What a pleasure it has been to watch Inoke grow from a lil boy to a handsome young man. Inoke has many accomplishments in his young life, he is the oldest out of 10 kids and he is so helpful to his parents and to his younger brothers and sisters, he is an eagle scout, he is the starting left tackle on offense and also plays nose guard on defense, he holds multiple callings in his church, he volunteers at varies charities through out the community and he also is the most humble kid you have ever met.. When I asked him questions about himself he just laughs and says "Um OK.."
Inoke speaks highly of his family when he speaks. He's not your typical big brother when his little sisters come running to him, he smiles and talks to them, he's not rude like regular big brothers.. Just to watch him with family, friends and people in general you can tell there is something special about this kid.
Inoke will be attending the U of U after his graduation, and from there on the world better watch out.. Inoke thanks for always being an example to my sons on how to behave, it has been a pleasure watching you grow up when you hit it big I can say I knew you when...

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Class of 2010... Noelini Tuiasoa

Noelini is a senior at City Honors High School, in Los Angeles, California.. (Inglewood to be exact, I know she wants me to put that..) when I asked her about her school, because I have been to Inglewood many times and have never heard of that school, she said it was fairly new and that you had to have a great GPA to get in.. I laughed and said "Oh so your one of those smart ones huh!" She laughed and replied "Oh no I have no IDEA how I got in." Noelini I just want you to know I don't believe you, just from spending the afternoon with you I could already tell your a smarty pants.. (Do they still say that..) lol..
Due to the fact that City Honors High School, is strictly an academic high school there are no sports programs offered there, therefore Noelini plays basketball for Inglewood High School, where she is their starting forward.. And just to answer you next question.. They did take STATE.. Wow how would that be.. Beautiful, Smart, and Athletic seems like a triple threat to me.. Noelini will be attending El Camino College after graduation, and then after that she will be conquering the world and then we will see her in the WNBA... The last part of that was just a prediction on my part but I got a 20 that says she will.... By the way can you start a paragraph with the word DUE.. My English teacher must be so proud..
Noelini thank you for allowing me to capture you beautiful smile, charming personality, and your great dance moves... I guess thats why they say INGLEWOOD always up to NO GOOD... hahaha.. Hey I can say what I want about Inglewood, I myself was born there.. ahhahaha

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Class of 2010... Temaleti Angilau

Tema is a senior at Kearns High School... (K-Town...) Home of the mighty cougars..
I have known Tema for a very long time, since she was a little girl, I mean she is still a little girl but well you know what I
Tema is a beautiful girl, as you can all see from her photos, Tema is an only daughter so she pretty much has her parents wrapped around her finger (don't tell her mom, she thinks she's in charge.. lol)Tema is so cute when her mom tells her NO she is a daddy's girl, she got a new car and it went out on her, when that happened daddy came to the rescue and got her a PT Cruiser.. See sometimes being a daddy's girl has its advantage.. lol.. When I asked Tema what she was going to do after high school, she stated that she would be attending a local college and go from there.. Tema seems to have things figured out for her life (man I wish I did at her age), she knows what she likes and she knows what she wants and she pretty much goes after it, she will go far in life with that attitude.
I love the way she laughs when she's smiling she crinkles her nose and lets it all out.... Tema I see only big things from you in the future, may the Lord guide you to it and may he bless you with always being a Daddy's girl..

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Class of 2010... 'Ongohaangana Tana Vea

What an honor it was to have a photo session with this young man.. 'Ongohaangana Tana Vea (Tana is what he goes by) is a senior at Juan Diego High School. When I was first contacted by his mom to set up a session I was thrilled because I don't get a lot of boys, as you can tell from my previous posts, when I hung up my son said "Who's pictures are you taking." I said "Some kid he goes to Juan Diego last name Vea." My son "Tana Vea" I shook my head yes, he then corrected me and said "Mom he's the reason Juan Diego took state two years in a row, everyone knows him, he's one of the best running backs in Utah." So there you go Tana my son is one of your biggest fans, which kinda made me cool to him because I was asked to take your pictures.. haha
Tana comes from 2 big families on both the dad and moms side, he is well loved by both sides. I know why he is a very polite and well mannered young man and if you cant tell from the pictures above he is VERY good looking.. I kept telling him he is a handsome young man and his mom answered "Well of course he's my son." Tana would laugh and look at his mom I could tell they have a special relationship with her. (you know the kind that gets MC'Ds everyday after school).. When you see Tanas' mom talk about him, you cant miss the smile on her face that goes from ear to ear, she loves her son and it shows.
Tana will be attending Utah State University on a football scholarship. But if you ask Tana about football he will tell you "I only play because of my mom." and again you see the moms smile..
Tana may the Lord bless you as you open a new chapter of your life, may you keep your parents close to your heart, for you hold so much of theirs.. May you "DRIVE" yourself (inside joke) to USU and realize all the world has to offer you, I know that whatever it is you pursue in life you will succeed..

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Class of 2010... Maline Vaitai

Some girls get the good looks, and some get the athleticism, some get the sparkling personality while others get the perfect height and characteristics from each of the parents.. I have finally met someone that got EVERY single good gene from both of her parents.. Vaitai and Pua, Maline took every good gene both of you had to offer and that's why she is absolutely perfect.. She has a kind heart, a sweet smile, a proper side and a goofy side to her, she has the girl next door look with one smile and a break your heart look with a different smile... Oh and before I forget she also can bump, set and spike like no body's business so don't try her on the volleyball court because that's one battle you wont win..
I love to watch Maline with her parents, her dad is her coach and she looks at him with strength and confidence she knows she can do what her dad is coaching her to do.. Her mom is her comforter and best friend she can make her laugh just by them looking at each other.. I love it.. She has a relationshop with each of them that works and you can tell her parents are her biggest fans.. The support and how proud they are of her shows in their face and in their voice when they talk about her..
Maline congratulations on your full ride scholarship, I know you've earned it. I see only big things in your future.. May the Lord watch over as you close a chapter of your life and begin a new one. And may you always remain close to your parents for they will never steer you wrong..

I know I usually only post 5 photos but Maline does a great impersonation of the "Carl" dance. I couldn't stop laughing and her mom was cheering her on while she was doing it.. I just had to share it..

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Class of 2010....Mounukiuoleva Finau

Mounukiuoleva Finau (she goes by Moe) is a senior at West High School, when I first met her she was kinda shy and wouldn't open up I did most of the talking (which I guess is normal for me.. lol).. I asked what kind of pictures she wanted like background, what her interest were, she started asking if I knew any graffiti places around here. I told her we could find some we would just drive around.. To our surprise we found a broken train with graffiti on it there was one downfall the sign said "Private Property Union Pacific employees only". We looked at each other and I said "We'll lets just hurry and take some shots near the train and when the police come we will act like we don't speak English". I finally got a laugh and she said "Serious" I said "Well your a minor and I don't speak English so whats the worst thing that could happen they tell us to get off, by then we'll have our shot". After that she opened up and the smiles were endless.
Moe started talking how she's an average student nothing real different about her, but let me tell you most average students don't take just 2 classes their senior year so there has to be something NOT average about her.. She loves art and just hanging out with her family, she cant wait for graduation and is excited about what will come for her next.. Moe I know what ever you do after graduation will be far from average, I can see it in your eyes, I can hear it in your moms voice when she talks about you it all points to the sky and beyond..
Moe your mom wanted to say "Congratulations to my little girl! Don't forget what I always tell you, beauty comes from the inside never the outside."
But dont worry Moe.. You have both.. Lucky..
Thanks for hanging out with me Moe I had a lot of fun..

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Class of 2010... Kaveinga Leaaetoa

I love photo shoots with Seniors, there is just something about them.. They have that whole "I can take on the world" attitude about them. It's very refreshing to watch them pose for the camera while they talk about their families, school, sports and everything else that is important to a senior.. (I know I've said it 100x's but hey whats one more right.. "Oh to be young again..")
Kaveinga (Kave is what she goes by) is one of the most talented volleyball players I've seen.. She plays for Club Union and has been highly recruited she has finally decided that she will be attending The University of Maryland Eastern Shore, oh and to make things more exciting did I mention she will be on a FULL ride scholarship, that's right you guessed it school, room & board, books and the most important thing meals will be paid for. When your away from your moms cooking FREE meals is a GOOD thing.. lol..
Kave may the Lord watch over you as you follow your dreams, and may your dreams lead you to bigger dreams..
Thanks for letting me capture you in all your excitement, with a smile like that you can take on the world and win....