Monday, April 29, 2013

Marcus Teller... Woodscross High School.. Class of 2013

Marcus is an all american type of guy, he loves to hang out with his little sidekick sister Mariah you should see them together.  He also is a great athlete he plays football and basketball and is a great player for both. ( I know he use to play with my boys), he loves all and any HOME COOKED meals and is planning on doing something in the medical field, he received a scholarship and will be attending DSU in the fall.
Letter from his mom:
                 I am so  very proud of the young man you have become, hard working, caring and very motivated, as a young boy I watched you play football and dream about playing collge one day, as a teen I watched you work hard, train and focus in school never loosing sight of your goal now here you are, keep working hard with all things in your life and remember this is just a stepping stone to where you want to be in life, a successful strong man, a caring father and a great husband. I know you will accomplish all of those things with your hard work ethic, I'm so excited to see what your future bring..
I love you

Saturday, April 13, 2013

I'm back...

Hello... Hello.. Hello...
I know I've been missing for awhile, in fact I have been told by several people that I really need to update my blog, or they want to know if I've stop taking photos? Hmmm.. I guess the answer is NO I haven't but then YES I have. Does that make sense. NO. Well what else is new. lol.
I have been having computer issues I've bought two in between what really needs to be bought (IE. kids stuff like track shoes, rugby shoes, school shoes, running shoes and church shoes) So the buying of a computer as you can tell was NOT on the top of my list. Long story short, I FINALLY OWN A COMPUTER, and will begin to update and WOW you.. Hahaha.. Yes I said WOW, heard it today at my sons soccer game, so its been the new word of the day.. lol..
Here are a few from my most recent photo session, I will post some more from other session soon..