Sunday, May 17, 2009

Introducing Amanda Filiaga of Pocatello Id...

Amanda is the oldest daughter of Ivor and Teuila Feliaga (I'm not kidding when I say they should write a book on HOW TO RAISE KIDS).. She attended Highland High in Pocatello Id last year and had a busy year, she played Volleyball and Basketball, she was president of the Poly Club and 1st Runner up for homecoming queen, she was member of the H-club all four years there (sports club).. She is now attending College of Southern Idaho and is a member of the Golden Eagles volleyball team. She wants to get into Interior design, she loves art (athletic, beauty and brains I'm totally jealous).. Oh and I forgot the most important part.. She loves long walks on the beach... (She told me to put that.. Just kidding Ivor.. calm down..) LOL.. Amanda is what you call The ALL American girl (lets face it both sisters are).. When I grow up I want to be just like her.. LOL.. Congratulations on ALL your accomplishments Amanda, no wonder Emma is great, she had a great BIG sister to look up to..

Introducing Emma Filiaga, Senior at Highland High in Pocatello, Id

Emma is as talented and humble as she is beautiful. I've known Emma and her family for a while now and every time I see her or talk to her she simply amazes me, you can tell she was raised well. Her parents Ivor and Teuila should write a book.. This girl has had a busy senior year (that's the best kind of year right?) she was on the Volleyball, Basketball and Track team place 1st team All State for Volleyball and Basketball. (wow) She is also involved in the Poly club and H-club. She also sings, dances and plays the piano.. But wait I'm not done.. She was crowned Jr prom queen her Jr year and.. you guessed it She was crowned Homecoming Queen for Highland High '08-'09. She will be attending Dodge City Community College in Kansas where she will be playing Volleyball.. Good luck in reaching ALL your goals Emma I'm sure you don't need it.

Just because...

I thought these pictures were too funny, I had to share em.. When I shot them single, they all gathered around and made fun of the one I was shooting some of them took several minutes to STOP laughing, when I told them I had a good one of them smiling they said NO that they needed one of them NOT laughing because we just don't laugh.. So here is proof that they DO laugh and that they have a sense of humor..
Thanks again boys..

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Gentlemen of Kennedy Jr High

These boys are some real cool kids. Every single one of them has several talents that posting them all would be a novel.. But here are just a few the 1st picture in this group is the Student Body President of Kennedy Jr High, and he also holds one of the highest GPA in the school and has held that honor for all 3 of his Jr High years, several of these boys were on the UNDEFEATED wrestling team, some played on the Volleyball team, some of them played for the High School football team, besides doing all of that they manage to be some of the coolest kids at school.. According to them of course.. LOL. Thanks for letting me capture your 9Th grade year guys it was fun..

The ladies of Kennedy Jr High

These girls were so much fun, to shoot.. Imagine a bunch of teenager girls in front of a camera.. Yea that's what I thought too, but that wasn't the case, these girls started out shy... What? I know weird... LOL.. But they warmed up after a bit and then the shoot was easy from then on.. I wish I could bottle their TAKE ON THE WORLD attitude and sell it, millions I'm telling you millions.. Good luck in High School girls (not that you need it), when your done beating the world at the game of life, I will be there saying "I knew you when..."

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Introducing Kennedy Jr High, promoting class of '09

What an energetic group of kids.. These kids are blessed with so much talent and so much "Take on the word" attitude, that its contagious. Between the whole trying to look cute for the photos and trying to look cool in front of their friends, this shoot was fun. The kids had so many poses they wanted to do, but when the camera turned on they froze. Too funny. Good luck with everything that you pursue in life I'm sure High School has no idea what their getting..
Single shots coming soon....

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Aumua Family

Have you ever meet a group of people for the first time, and within a few seconds felt like you've known them your whole life....Meet the Aumua family.. Sunshine called and asked for a photo session for her whole family they would be in town for a baptism, I agreed I love to shoot big groups. After a few scheduling mishaps we finally met at 10:00pm.. That's right I said 10:00pm.. I found a place to fit that many people on short notice (thank you Hampton Inn) and a shoot began.. This family is so funny and so kick back you could not tell it was that late. The kids are so well behaved that changing from group to group was not a problem (apparently they are scared of Auntie Sunshine LOL).. The Aumua family introduced me to the real "kick back" feeling that you get from being raised in Hawaii. Sunshine, thank you for letting me meet your beautiful family.
Love you guys..
A big thank you goes out to my sister/assistant Lelu Po'uha.. Love ya sis