Thursday, December 18, 2014

Keanu Netzler C/O 2014 Highland High School

Meet the Millward family

This is such a cute family.. The way they are with each other the way they laugh at each others jokes.. Well mainly my JOKES.. lol.. I love referral families, they already know my style and they are good with it, so some pressure is off.. I mean some..
This family hadn't had a family photo in years, so you could see the excitement in the kids faces, like is this really happening. The mom was overjoyed the whole entire session.. ( I secretly love moms like this)..  Grateful for a husband who knows what his wife wants and smiles during the whole thing. (she taught him well lol).
Thank you Millward family for trusting me with your family photos, you have a beautiful family. ENJOY...

Monday, July 28, 2014

Meet Buddy Hills.. Senior.. Copperhills High School.. Class of 2014

I'm so far behind on my blog posts.. I'm sorry and it will never happen again.. lol.. I know, I know..
Meet Glen Hills better known as Buddy Hills, Buddy played basketball with my son during the super league days, but they went to different high schools but remained good friends. Congratulations Buddy on your graduation from Copperhills High School, and on your decision to serve a full time mission in Alabama.. Wow how much you have grown into adulthood..
Thanks for allowing me to capture your senior moments.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Introducing Israel Vanisi "Viewmont High School C/O 2014"

Israel Vanisi, is a Senior of many talents.. He is a member of the football and plays many positions there, and also has a love for music, hes always strumming on the guitar, in fact most people see the picture above and say that's the Israel they know.
Congratulations Israel on getting to the finish line, I know your family is so proud of, since your baby of the family I know your parents are so happy..
Cant wait to see what your future holds, I know you will do BIG things..

Introducing Buddy Hills "Copperhills High School C/O 2014"

Congratulations Buddy Hills, you've made it..
I have known Buddy since I believe the 8th grade, Buddy and my son played AAU or Super League basketball together, while his dad Coach Heath Hills was the Coach, lets just say in the beginning Coach Hills was a very patient man.. lol.
Buddy is graduating out of Copperhills High School, after graduating he will be serving a full time LDS Mission in Wichita, Kansas. I know he will be a great servant of the Lord, I can tell from his charming personality and his CAN DO smile, that is contagious.. Have fun taking on the World Buddy, for I know you will go far..