Sunday, July 25, 2010

Uipi Family

His mom was in town for the weekend... Nothing beats a mother/son shot..

Know I now where she gets her smile from..

There is something about a young new family... I love to watch them during the shoot, I see the daddy helping with the baby, I watch to see how much of a hold the baby has on them and trust me when I tell you this baby runs the house.. ha ha ha.. I love to watch the way the parents react to the baby when she cries or she starts to get fussy or something simple like "I'm done with this photo session.." You can see the relief in their eyes when they have figured out what it was she needed to make her happy..
Uipi Family, thank you for allowing me to capture your young new family, may you ALWAYS look at each like it was the first time you met (like I seen you both do today), and may your arms always be the comfort your daughter needs when she's crying.. And may she always look at you to comfort her ( Ohhh I so miss those days.. lol)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Laita Kalama Leatutufu & Tishina Perry soon to be Mr & Mrs

This couple was so much fun to shoot, with just a few words he could make her smile and not just any smile I mean the smile that we use to do when we were little girls and we had a crush on that little boy in the playground, you know what smile I'm talking about.. (your doing in right now and remembering that little boy.. ) I love to hear about the stories behind the couple, without going into too much detail, this couple will stand the test of time and boy do they have a love story to tell their children and their children's children.
Laita and Tishina congratulations on your upcoming wedding may the Lord watch over you both as you enter this new stage in your life, and may he bless you with smiles your whole lifetime together....

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Mounga Family + casual

After 2 cancels and then trying to find a place to shoot some casual shots, we finally made it.. Thanks to the mom of this beautiful family and her sharp eye for finding some fields and an abandoned house add all that up and what do you have.. you guessed it.. A family photo shoot.. Heck if you know me you know I will meet you anywhere. lol.. The Mounga family loved their Sunday attire photo session they wanted to try some in casual clothes and of course it went smoothly as the last one. Thanks mom and dad for raising some well behaved kids and making it easy for me sail through this one.. Enjoy..

This is my favorite shot of the session.. Beti you look HOT and you dont even look like you have 8 kids and now I know why Frank picked you..ha ha ha.. Love ya girl..

Friday, July 9, 2010

The Iongi Family..

All the grandsons that were in attendance... Handsome boys..

What a beautiful family the Iongi's are, and they are so much fun. I think I laughed from the beginning to the end of the shoot (and I'm not kidding)..
Most of the Iongi's hail from Portland so during the whole shoot it was the Utah families trying to make the Portland families laugh and then vice versa I think a few times all families ended up waiting for me to stop laughing.. (note to self don't do that again.. lol)..
They are having a family reunion right now first with just their immediate family and next with the more extended families. And if you know Polynesian families extended can go on and on and on and on... lol.. Which means more laughing more pranks and more memories, that's what a reunion is all about though right..
Iongi family thank you for letting me capture your beautiful family, and thank you for the laughs this is one shoot that will go down in the memory book..

So you know with all the laughing there has to be some funny shots.. And here they are, I was dared by this young man underneath to post this photo, and he laughed thinking I wouldn't ... Well guess what Toni I did.. His family kept calling him "Buff Guy" and so he was telling them they were jealous so he looked at me and said "You guys mean like this," and he dropped one shoulder and started posing for camera, oh the roar of laughter that I got behind me the whole park was staring at us.. (not that they weren't watching us already, sorry other photographers quiet was not the name of this shoot.. lol)

I could not get these two brothers out of every ones else's pictures, they kept interrupting every ones photo's or they would be making faces behind me.. Then I turn around and they have their own camera and are taking pictures like this.. These two had me rolling..

The young boys had everyone entertained with mini numbers, so if you weren't being photographed you were entertained with the shows..

And of course I had to do a jumping shot.. I mean this family would do it right.. Right.. And we all know what I think of families that do the jumping shot for me, that's right... They are cool in my book. And trust me cool in my book is better then cool anywhere else.. hahahahaha