Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tuitavake Wedding

It was great meeting this beautiful couple for both their invitation shoot and their wedding day shoot, it been awhile since I took the invitation shoot but I don't like to post those until after the wedding day.

I love shooting a wedding where the couple can make each other laugh just by looking at each other, you feel like there is a little secret that only the two of them share. I could tell right away that these two had a secret. Mr & Mrs Tuitavake may you two always make each other laugh and may you never never let anyone in on your secret.. Thanks for letting me capture your special day..

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mohekonokono.. A Polynesian Production

My oldest daughter.. Still cant get over how fast she is growing

My niece, so beautiful

This one is one of my favorites of my daughter..

My oldest daughter dances for a group called Mohekonokono.. A Polynesian production. They are local here to Utah. I love watching my daughter dance and could watch her and her group dance for hours I love the fact that they are learning just how beautiful it is to BE Polynesian, I love watching her perform in front of people, watching all eyes on her and watching her hold their attention, she has grown up to be such a beautiful young women..

Here are a few shots from our PRACTICE shoot that I held with my daughter and niece, hope you like them. There are more to come..

If you would like to book Mohekonokono for an event that you are having feel free to call Ame at 801-577-2690 trust me you wont regret it..

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Kula Family of Herriman.. BTW its NOT Kearns.. lol

Meet the Kula family of Herriman.. I met up with them for a quick photo shoot and I mean quick. I haven't seen the father of this family for some time, I've known him for as long as I can remember, we grew up next door to each other infact most of my childhood memories include him and some "STUFF" he did as a child.. lol.. (but thats a whole different POST..) Oh we laughed during most of this photo shoot reminiscing and laughing and then reminiscing some more. Mr Kula (I guess I can call you that know because your not the little boy from next door anymore lol) you have a beautiful family, I guess we (Me, Emeline, Melanie, Driza and Christina) we GREAT examples to you.. haha haha..

So this photo just goes to show how FUNNY I am.. He would NOT smile during the shoot, once I turned on my charming personality.. lol.. it was done, his laughing was contagious.. Yes everyone I'm that good.. lol.. Dont believe HIS version I DID NOT threaten him.. lol

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Class of 2011.. Simeon High (Chicago Ill) Tilah Parker

Meet Tilah Parker, Simeon High Class of 2011.. I've known this girl for most of her life, and really got to know her a few years ago, she has a sweet spirit and always willing to help anyone and to be kind to anyone. She loves animals. But is a big fan of her family, she believes in them and loves them. Tilah thanks for everything and letting me capture how beautiful you are.. Cant wait to see what the future holds for you..

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Introducing Baby Paul Soliai Jr

Sometimes when we put things in the Lords hands and follow him, he blesses families with a gift that is worth far more then anything we could of hoped for..

Meet Baby Paul Soliai Jr truly a "Gift from God".

I like to watch people when I go on shoots and especially baby shoots, Mom was so nervous she and her sisters (oh the sisters require a whole different post just for them .. lol) went shopping for clothes, props and even googled different poses and different ways to take baby photos and had a million and one different ideas of what to do. I love when my clients are ready and know what they want. Dad on the other hand is still in the "Am I gonna drop him stage, because he is so little." but when dad held him you could see his whole heart was wrapped up in that little blanket, he could do NO wrong. After all that preparation what do we get a SLEEPY, DON'T TOUCH ME, DON'T MOVE ME, FEED ME, NO I WONT OPEN MY EYES mood.. What else really are we to expect. This baby has it all, 3 mamma's 1 grandma (oh and dont mess with the grandma, every time baby Paul cried she threatened all of us, and yes including me.. lol). When it was all said and done and all the threats and laughs (Thanks Bev for being a good sport.. lol) were done we could only get the poses that Baby Paul would let us.. After all HE IS THE BOSS OF US.. ha ha ha

Soliai family thanks for allowing me to capture your babies first photos, I'm so excited to watch you both grow in a different way that parenthood can only take you. You have both been blessed with him and he will change things up (trust me.). I can already see he holds you both in the palm of his hands. May the Lord guide your family as you learn to become great parents I see you both are already off to a great start..

UPDATE: A huge SHOUT OUT goes to Jr Patane for finally taking control of this baby (trust me this baby is spoiled beyond your belief.. lol) and having him give me the poses and the shots that will make a household name.. I'm saving those shots for the baby announcements.. ALL HAIL JR..

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Meet Fita and Alaimoana Toki-Motuapuaka

I had a great time with Fita, it's been so long since I've hung out with her.. She use to be one of the Young Women in my ward. There I go again dating myself.. It's nice to see them all grown up and having a family of their own.

Fita shares a special bond with her son, (I know every mother does lol), she shows patience and understanding, Moana is at the age of A LOT of questions, you know the "whats that?" and the"how come?" and I see Fita answering every single one of them. She loves him with all her heart I can see that in the way she treats, talks and spoils him..

Thank you Fita for allowing me to capture your HERE AND NOW moments with your son, trust me they pass to quickly so cherish EVERY SINGLE question he asks..

P.s.. Fita, you owe me, I didn't mention anything about you bringing your own CHEERING squad to tell you how cute you look after every change.. lol.. See I keep my word.. lol..

I LOOOOOOVE THIS PHOTO.. I know the sun is the wrong position and I should of turned them all more the left, but I didn't and I'm sorry.. But I LOOOOOOVE THIS PHOTO..

Friday, June 3, 2011

A family with one heart.... (or should I say 2)

Have you ever met a family for the first time and for some reason felt like you have known them your whole life, that's how I felt with this family.

The jokes were rolling on both sides and the laughs, lets just say I think everyone at the park thought we were ALL crazy. (yes I said ALL not just ME.. lol)

There is a connection between them that I sensed the moment we started shooting like they all had some inside joke or some special moment that only they share, I could see it in their eyes when they were all laughing at and with each other, they all looked around at each other just to make sure everyone was laughing together.. (lets not forget I'm waaaay funny.. lol..)
The reason for the TITLE.. I have never seen 2 more loved children by a WHOLE family, not just the parents but the WHOLE family .. ( I wont mention the kitty kat song.. however WOW is what I will say about it.. ) The whole family wanted to hold them, sing to them play with them but more importantly LOVE them.. I think I just figured out the secret.. LOVE... Thanks for letting me hang out with you guys today, you all rocked the camera.. ( I seen the "ROCK the camera" statement somewhere and thought I would try it.. lol. ) ENJOY..

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Meet the Leakehe Family....

Ohhhh if I could only control the weather.. I WISH I OWNED A WEATHER WAND...

Meet the Leakehe family... This was suppose to be a BIGGER VAENUKU family photo shoot but weather did not permit that. We had been praying and waiting for the weather to clear up and thought around 3pm we would still give it a go because it had cleared up and the sun had started peeking through, so we decided to meet at 5pm at our location, I arrived at 4pm and it still looked good, so I waited right around 5pm rain clouds got darker I snuck this family in real quick for some shots and then it started to really rain.. After an hour of waiting we called it off, and had to reschedule.. Hopefully these family photos keeps everyone excited for the REAL family photo shoot..

Thanks Again Nata for being patient.. Cant wait for the real one..

Monday, May 23, 2011

Granger High School.. Class of 2011.. Lati Valele

Lati is a senior at Granger High School home of the Lancers.. (Don't worry K-town I represented!! If that's even how you say that phrase, my kids would die if they read this.. lol..)

After waiting on a mistake on the first apt, we were both at the same park on different ends waiting for each other after an hour of waiting we both left, called each other and realized we were on different ends.. (that was the short part of a long story.. lol) we finally met, what a beautiful young women so full of life and so ready to be out of high school.. Weren't we all? lol..

Lati will be attending LDS Business College after graduation and is ready for all the hard work it takes to go to that school, she really seems to have her head on right..

Lati congratulations on your upcoming graduation, your sooooo ready to take on the world..

Lesson Learned from this Photo shoot: When you are posing your subject and one of the sticks on the ground starts moving... Ummmmm RUN, its not a STICK and scream "SNAKE< SNAKE< SNAKE"... lol.. Your a good sport Lati..