Sunday, April 11, 2010

Soon to be... Mr & Mrs Jungblut....

The fun thing about taking Engagement photos is the fact that you get to see love in its prime.. Every time I do these kinds of sessions I think to myself "Oh to be young and in love"..
I have known this bride to be since she was in diapers... (Wow I just back dated myself..) Its so nice to see her all grown up and making grown up choices you can see the light in her eyes every time she looked at her husband to be.. Emma may you be blessed with always looking at your husband that way, and may he always respond to you looking at him with a smile that lights up every thing..
I asked the groom to be how they met and he responded they were in a wedding line and ended up being partners, he is from Laie, Hawaii, he said after he met Emma, Utah became home.. How sweet is that response.
May the Lord bless you both with forever.. May you always remember how you looked at each other and how you both couldn't take your eyes off of each other.. May you both always feel like the bride to be and the groom to be...
Congratulations to you both...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Faulao family

Have you ever met a family where you could tell they were meant to be together, they were meant to be a family long before the parents met.. That's how I felt about this family.. The weather was sooooo not on our side with this shoot, and we ran out and shot pictures when the snow and the wind would let up.. When the girls and I would run out to take just their pictures the way they talked about their parents and laughed you could tell there was something special between them all.. I got the same feeling when I took photos of the mom and girls and then when the dad was added to the picture.. Taniela and Lupe you should be so proud of your daughters for they speak highly of you both when your not around ( I hope my kids are like that.. NOT) lol.. When I finally got this whole family together for their group photo, just the way they laughed and looked at each other as if I wasn't there, told me they had known each other for a long time..
Thanks Lupe (by the way Ive known Lupe since our two families were 2 of the 3 only poly families living in Kearns... K- Town... lol..) for letting me capture your beautiful family... Oh and good luck with the girls when they get older, if you need help remember I have a lot of sons that can come over and play body guard... Love you guys..

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Lapuaho Family

The Lapuaho family... What can I say.. What a pleasure it was to meet your lovely family and capture moments for you to keep.
We had to cancel once due to weather I didn't want them driving up from Ephraim, Utah just to face snow, so we rescheduled for the next day, then the following night I get a call from the dad to see if the weather is good or should we reschedule again, I told him its suppose to be great weather but it was up to them, he told me he would talk to his wife and call me back, I hung up thinking I hope they don't cancel.. Not more then 2 minutes the wife called me back say she wanted to go ahead with the shoot if that was ok with me, I told her of course and we planned to meet the next morning.. After we hung up, I started to laugh thinking husbands and pictures don't mix but to keep the wife happy, husbands will show up with their best smile.. hahaha..
This beautiful family is currently attending Snow College in Ephraim, Utah.. The father is currently playing rugby for Snow and is going to school to become a Pharmacist.. When I asked them how they met, they both looked at each with a smile in their eye and both started telling the same story as if it happened yesterday.. Oh to be young and in love.. They love it at Snow their only complaint was sometimes they couldn't find their son because he is the only baby around everyone wants him.. ( looks like you've got a ladies man on your hands good luck to you)..
Thanks for asking me to capture you first family photos, you both have such a beautiful family with a bright future ahead.. Just a word of advice to you hubby, always attend the photo sessions it will make your life a little easier at home.. Ha ha..