Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The beautiful bride.. Emma Filiaga (well know she is a Emma Filiaga Naeata..)

 Introducing the beautiful Bride.. Emma, when photos were taken she was a Filiaga, but now that they are posted she is.. Emma Filiaga Naeata..
Emma was a trooper for the photo shoot, she climbed, faced the wind in her eyes, sat on bugs, walked through bird poop (yes I said poop.. lol) faced her mom, sister, aunt and photographer telling her to smile through it all, she is truly a photographers dream.
Emma met her groom through friends and  from his brother, thank goodness they met, what a beautiful couple. I can tell how much she loves him, when I asked about him and how they met, she would smile and get all shy.. Emma congratulations on your wedding, may you always smile, and get shy when someone asks you about your husband, and may he realize what a lucky man he is..

 If everyone could see what we went through for this picture (above).. They would all laugh, seeing a bride on a boulder and the photographer on the next boulder (in slippers).. But the photo is well worth the life defying stunts.. lol..

 For some reason the more I look at this photo (above) the more it becomes my FAVORITE.. You look beautiful Emma..

Monday, June 4, 2012

Maez-Ripley family..

Introducing the REAL meaning of families: The Maez-Ripley crew..  Sam and Janice are some pretty amazing people, the love they share for each is so strong it includes all.  I've already shot this family previously, so I was surprised when I received a phone call asking for another shoot, with ALL their children.  The story of the additional kids is nothing short from amazing. Families are not just through bloodline but for whomever your heart allows in. This family has enough for everyone. You can tell they were always meant to be one family, they all share the same sense of humor, the same inside joke, and all the kids have the same mommy daddy jokes.. I love it..
Janice dear, thank you for allowing me to photograph your family in its entirely I am so happy I got to meet everyone.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Keanu Solovi.. Kearns High School.. Class of 2012

Introducing the " the boy next door".. Keanu Solovi, Kearns High.. Class of 2012..
Keanu has literally grown up before my eyes, he has played football with my son David since they both didn't know to put their equipment on.. Yes that long.
Keanu is one of the best running backs I've seen.. Yes I'm a coach.. lol.. When this kid gets the ball you already know he's gonna score make sure you watch him and only him because if you blink you will miss the whole thing. Keanu is going to college in Colorado, where he received a scholarship. With his charming personality and his great attitude in life and athletic ability we will see him shine in the future..
To the Solovi family especially Keanu.. Congratulations on your upcoming graduation, it has been my honor to cheer for you on the sideline and to watch you grow into a handsome and talented young man.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Kearns High School.. Senior Ball.. 5-19-2012

 My 2nd oldest Amone Finau and his date Kera Utai.       My oldest son David Finau and his date Paise                                                                                                      

True conversation:
David: "Mom, mom, mom, mom, mom"
Me: "What? stop calling my name a million times."
David: "Can you take my groups Senior Ball pictures please?"
Me: " Can your group afford me? haha haha"
David: "C'mon mom don't be like that, I already told them you would take our pictures then we don't have to spend money on them at the dance."
Me: "So you already told them, and now your asking, don't you guys want the nice ones over there at the dance?"
David: "No our group wants to eat before the dance and then again after the dance, and so we are trying to budget our money so if you take our pictures then that will save us a lot of money."
Me: "Whats in it for me?"
David: "You'll get the pictures at a dance that your always bugging me for, see we both win.."

This boy has been to a lot of school dances and when asked upon return if he and his date took pictures the answer is always "NO the line was to long, or NO its to much money.."
So thank  you son for allowing me to take your groups Senior Ball pictures I can finally have some pictures of you and a date before a dance..
Graduation is coming soon for my oldest, I'm already starting to tear up every time I talk about it I have to change the subject fast.. I know I know I'm pathetic..

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Introducing Kyle Finneman.. Bingham High School.. Class of 2012

Have you ever met anyone for the first time and you felt like you have known them your whole life.. Thats what happened when meeting this young man and his mom.. I swear we are "COUSINS".. I mean isnt everyone.. lol..
Introducing a very humble, talented and shy young man  Kyle Finneman a senior from Bingham High School.  Kyle I had to throw shy in there, I mean you have to be shy with a mom like that I mean just ask my boys..  lol. Kyle is on the varsity baseball team, he is the team catcher, he is all about Baseball and Academics which will take you far in life Kyle.Kyle has a lot of offers from various colleges and universities but his mom (lol) I mean HE has not chosen which one he will attend, but I'm sure his mom is whispering in his ear. Dont all us (moms) do that..
Kyle congratulations on your upcoming graduation, I know you will take the world by storm..

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Monique and Julia.. East Hollywood High School.. Class of 2012

I love referrals.. It means they already like the way you shoot so a little bit of pressure is off.. I mean just a little..
Monique and Julia are friends with Sepa Tatafu, a senior on this blog. Thanks Sepa, your the best..
Monique and Julia attend East Hollywood High School, a charter school, which from what they tell is totally awesome and is emphasized on the different types film production and all types of arts and media.. (Yes I looked it up.. lol) Both girls are beautiful as you can see for yourself, but have uniquely different personalities, while shooting Monique (pink top) she kept smiling, and I kept giving her instructions on posing when she looked to her mom and smiled, "She makes me feel so beautiful", Monique that is all you girl with inner beauty that  matches your outward beauty you will rule the world.. I kid you not.
Julia (off white top) however was more shy with me, she kept laughing when I looked away and when I ask for a smile she would get all nervous, but when I would ask for a more serious look, she couldn't stop laughing, so I guess reverse psychology works with her.. lol.. She totally reminds me of the girl next door..
Both girls together are so much fun, they couldn't stop laughing..
Monique plans on going into nursing, while Julia plans on heading into a career of cosmetology. Wherever life takes the two of you I have a feeling you will meet it fearlessly and together..
Congratulations to the both of you on your upcoming Graduation..