Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Logan Johnson Tapusoa

Introducing Logan Johnson Tapusoa.. Class of 2013.. Salt Lake Center for Science Education.. I met Logan and his mother ( Lina Tapusoa) for a brief, now when I say brief I mean brief.. 20 minutes and thats it.. photo session.. For some reason Lina was in a hurry.. NOt sure to where, but in a hurry.. lol.. I hope you like your photos Logan, if not blame your mom.. hahaha..
COngratulations on your graduation Logan, when your rich and famous please please please remember me..

Ayana Solovi... Class of 2013... Kearns High School

Introducing Ayana Solovi.. Class of 2013, Kearns High School.. Ayana is an all american type of girl, she is pretty, plays sports (very well I might add) plus she's pretty kick back and just likes to hang out.. After high school she is not sure what she wants to do, but she knows college is in there somewhere. Right now she wants to enjoy Senior Year at Kearns High School... 
Congratulations on your upcoming graduation, I see big things in your future..

Friday, May 10, 2013

Meet the Nau family...

First of all let me tell you how enjoyable it was to shoot this family.. (did I just say enjoyable.. WOW..) These have to be some of the most well behaved kids I have seen in a long time, I kid you not I cant stop thinking about how fast this photo session went, its all in the kids. The older ones were so helpful with the little ones and the little ones were willing and ready to have their pictures taken.. To the parents.. I am in awe, of your parenting skills, I think I would like to sign up for your next parenting class, whatever your doing and however your executing it I WANT TO KNOW.. At the end of our shoot the kids were all saying "Mom can we get some yogurt now." YOGURT are you kidding me is that all it takes.. haha..
Thanks for allowing me to take your first official FAMILY PHOTOS, I cant express how grateful I am for that..

Monday, May 6, 2013

Meet the Lapuaho family

I cant tell you guys how much fun I had with this family.. I grew up with the father (yes i warned the wife about him.. lol) but you know as the story goes once you become an adult, life takes over.. I'm grateful his wife (the boss) contacted me about family photos, and I can NOT believe its been a long time since this family had taken family photos..
I hope you love em as much as I do.. Sam you have a beautiful family, take lots of photos because before you know it they are off in their own families..
P.S. The next time you walk off a photo shoot and tell me and your wife your done and that's enough pictures, your good, you wont get the NICE side of me.. haha haha.. Still the same old Sam..