Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sneak peek... The Toki Family

I know exactly what your thinking... How could so many GOOD LOOKING people come from one family... I know the answer... Look at the Grandma and you will know.. Introducing the family of the late Eneasi and Silia Toki. Although the father of the family has passed on his spirit lives through his wife, children, grandchildren and yes even great grandchildren. The children all threw a surprise birthday party for their mom so they thought what a great time to get together and have family pictures taken. Some of the siblings are from California so going outside was a crazy idea, I told them this is still T-shirt and shorts weather they looked at me in amazement.. I had so much fun with this family but like I always say its easy to shoot em when they are all looking good..
Thanks for letting me capture you family photos Toki family. I've always loved hanging out with your family..

So rumor has it that the boys did a routine to "Single Ladies" by Beyonce.. So I asked them to show me some moves, and without even thinking about it they all struck a pose. I could not stop laughing.. Thanks for the laughs boys, wish I was there to see the actual routine, I'm sure Beyonce would of been proud..

Friday, November 6, 2009

The Leo Family

I shot these awhile ago and have been meaning to blog them but I got busy with things and when that happens to me I loose sense of ORDER.. Literally..
Introducing the Leo family.. What can one say about a family so beautiful, the parents are beautiful, the kids are beautiful and that about sums it up.. This couple/family was such a joy to photograph that our session was a breeze. The daughters are going to end up on the cover of a magazine soon, and yes you can quote me on that. Their oldest son is so caring for his younger sisters, he is always watching over them, what a good brother..
Thanks for letting me capture your young and ever growing family.. Shooting them reminded me of when my kids use to believe everything I said.. Oh to go back to those days.. lol..