Monday, August 26, 2013

The Chandler Family...

 The above shot is how the pose started, but the below shot is how it ended up.. I am going to have to say "NO COMMENT",  on the fathers pose.. I just cant seem to find the right words to describe it, maybe something with his past before he became a respected member of his community.. I don't know.. lol

                                            The above shot is so cute, the little boy said he wanted
                                             a picture with his favorite sister.. Awwwhhh.. Love it..
 Of course if your mom looks this great, then of course the daughters will turn out just as hot..
Meet the Chandler family of Africa and St George, UT. I grew up with the mom and to be honest with you, she has always looked this young and this HOT.. yes I said this HOT..
I love to photograph this family, this is the 2nd time we've done a family session with them, and wow how they have all grown up in 2 years, but the love you can sense when they are together is priceless. They make each other laugh, they have a ton on inside jokes (I'm assuming or maybe they were laughing at me.. lol).. The Dad is crazy, the mom beautiful so with that combination you have crazy, beautiful kids. lol.. They find humor in everything and love to be around each other, exactly what a family should be like..
Ofa thanks for allowing me to capture you family at this stage in their lives, what an honor..