Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Mataele Family

When I was first contacted by Sasha, the mother of this beautiful family, her text wrote "Hi LoyAnn, I've seen all your pictures and you pass the test, wondering if you could schedule my family for some pictures." I couldn't help but laugh, I was laughing because I was glad I'd passed someone test.. lol.. Thanks for the compliment Sasha it really really means a lot..
After 2 weather cancellations.. I am happy to finally say... Meet the Mataele family... They are such a young, beautiful family and they were a joy to photograph. The baby (and the parents) endured the cold to get through this photo shoot (the mom really needed them for Christmas gifts.) I love to photograph new families they are in their growing stages with each other and with being a parent, so they always look to each other with a "Am I doing this right" type of look.. Lona & Sasha may you two always look to each other for help and may the other one always look back to help. Your son is lucky to have you both as parents and so is your "Almost here" son, ( If you cant tell Sasha is pregnant with their 2nd son..)..
Thanks for trusting me with your first official family photos I hope you like them as much I do..

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mike3 + Brodi3 = Eternity

Brodi you are so beautiful...

You have to give it up for the girlfriend that will fly & help you move all the way from Australia and stay for your wedding to be the maid of honor, and then watch all 6 kids while you go on your honeymoon...

This story seems like one out of a fairytale book, you know the one where he
has 3 kids and is a single parent and she has 3 kids and is a single parent and they meet via Internet and some friends.. Wait what I meant to say is a fairytale story updated into this century.. (does that make sense because it totally makes sense to me.. lol)
Mike and Brodi, may the Lord bless your union of 2 beautiful families because after meeting you both I truly believe " Your families were meant to become one." May the Lord stand by you both as you become one as a couple and become one perfect family..
Thank you both for allowing me to capture your perfect union.

Monday, December 6, 2010

I'm still here.. lol

I am still here and am still working, my computer has taken a very much needed break and will return from it's vacation shortly (fingers crossed).. Here is a photo from a wedding shoot I recently shot the beautiful bride is Brodi Te Hira Ika, and wait till you hear her love story, it over comes all... So stay tuned...

Monday, October 25, 2010

Soon to be Mr & Mrs Makai

I had a lot of fun shooting this couple, for 2 reasons 1. They are so cute together, they still have that look and laugh at each other for no reason like they have some inside joke and no one else knows it.. ( although they kept whispering to each other and I personally think they were making fun of me.. lol ) and 2. They are really really really in love (and that always make for a great photo)
Congratulations on your decision to become one, and to share you life with each other, it's an experience that will continue to help you grow everyday. Just when you think you cant love each other more, something happens and you realize that you love them more then you did before.. May you two always have an inside joke that only you two know, and may you both make each other smile with just a glance for the rest of your lives..

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Filimoeatu Family

What a beautiful young family, the dad handsome the mom gorgeous which can only lead to one thing the children are absolutely adorable.
The Filimoeatu family live a very busy life with 2 young kids and both parents being in school (Snow College) one can only imagine how busy their schedules are. I applaud all who have kids and go to school at the same time.. (hey I applaud all that choose to go to school lol). I really hope daddy got the kids some candy, because he kept promising that to them and of course WE (meaning all the adults at the shoot) had none to our name.. (that's probably a first I'm sure.. lol)..
Thank you Filimoeatu family for allowing me to capture your family at such a precious stage in their lives. I see only great things in your future, I see you reaching all you goals and more..

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Laws Wedding

What a beautiful wedding this turned out to be, when I first arrived in true wedding fashion everyone was running late, the bride (of course its her privilege to be lol), the photographer (ok so I arrived 15 minutes late, I couldn't find my keys), the decorator (when I got there I took it upon myself to put decorations up so it seemed like I'd been there for a long time.. lol) and from the mother of the grooms point of view she said they were 50 miles behind on everything else.. lol..
Once everyone and everything fell into place, what a breath taking event it was to watch the bride walk down the isle, a moment her now husband will cherish for a long time. The bride couldn't stop shaking and the groom couldn't stop smiling, but once the words "Husband and Wife" were said, all fears left them.
To the newly weds, May the Lord bless you both with the ability to make each other smile the way you both did on your wedding day... Thanks for allowing me to capture your beautiful day..

Monday, August 30, 2010

Leatutufu Wedding

What a beautiful couple these two are.. I mean just the way they are always looking at each other they have that newlywed look, you know the one I'm talking about the one that makes them the only TWO in the room.. Oh to be young and in love... haha
The wedding day was fun and you could tell so much went into the wedding plans.. A BIG shout out goes out to the mother of the groom who has done nothing but plan this one to be a perfect day for her son and new daughter in law.. Susi the whole world should take notes..
Thank you two for allowing me to capture your first moments as husband and wife, its such a special time may you both never loose that feeling.. May the Lord bless your new family with the feeling that you have today for the rest of your lives, may you always remember it in your heart and in your mind..

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuiasoa Family

Have you ever seen a family where every single member of that family is well... BEAUTIFUL... That is the case with the Tuiasoa family, the sons handsome, the daughters beautiful, the parents all of the above and then some.. lol.. I have known this family forever (well that's what it seems like).. The parents are such kind hearted (not sure the spelling) people you can only imagine how the kids have all turned out.. I can see a little bit of the parents in each of them, the way they laugh, smile and the way they treat each other and especially their spouses these siblings were raised with love, that you can tell... I have childhood memories with them, some good some WE ALL NEED TO FORGET (hint hint) and some brought us to such a laughter tears were coming out.. I love this family, thank you guys for such a wonderful afternoon its always good to get together with family...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Mounga family + a graduation

Ring... Ring.. Ring..
Me: "Hello"
David "Mom I lost my money."
Me "What money."
David "My money that you gave me, can you come bring me some money I'm here in Provo with no money mom and I'm hungry."
Me "David didn't you eat with the rest of the football camp kids?"
David "Yes, but I'm still hungry and they are ordering pizza, please mom can you come?"
Me "The younger kids have things to do and I cant come until later tonight when your dad gets home to stay with them."
David "Please please please please mom can you come right now."
That was the phone call I received while my son attended BYU football camp this year, and as would any mom my heart fell for his lil hungry cries (even though I knew he had eaten).. I called my husband and told him HIS son had called and needed some money and for him to leave work and go take him money, my husband of course responded he's fine and can wait until we go tomorrow, I hung up on him ( for those of you not married that's code for I'M MAD.. lol) 2 minutes later my husband called back and told me he called his friend that lives in Provo and him and his wife would run David some money... A short time after my son called and said "Oh thank you mom they brought it.."
And you all guessed it.. This is the family that ran and took money to my son David..
This story was just to show everyone the kind of family the Mounga family is.. ( I'm not sure if the sentence before this was grammar correct lol) I could never tell them how much I appreciate them for saving my sanity. I knew that I would of thought of nothing else except my son and getting him his money.. (by the way for those of you that know my son know that he really would of been fine without the money) yes my husband says I baby them to much.. lol..
Va congratulations on completing your schooling, what an example you are to us mothers who keep thinking it cant be done or that it would be to hard. You have set such an example to everyone.. And again THANK you for saving my sanity and easing my heart by taking money to a kid you had never met and for a mother you hadn't met yet... May the Lord be with you and your family as you enter a new chapter in your life, and may the students at BYU nursing know how lucky they are to have you as a teacher next semester...

Friday, August 6, 2010

The Pilivi Wedding...

You have to love all the fuss that goes around the church when the bride get there.. So beautiful.

I love the grooms face here when he get his first look at his bride coming down the aisle.

I caught these two exchanging glances with a smile during the ceremony.. They looked at each other as if they were the only two in the room....

Thank you so much Pilivi family for allowing me to capture your wedding and what an experience it was.. Everything was so thought out and so perfect all the planning and all the details that went into it, really paid off..
May the Lord bless you both as you enter a new chapter in your lives, and may he bless that you both always look at each with as much love and affection as you did today..