Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mohekonokono.. A Polynesian Production

My oldest daughter.. Still cant get over how fast she is growing

My niece, so beautiful

This one is one of my favorites of my daughter..

My oldest daughter dances for a group called Mohekonokono.. A Polynesian production. They are local here to Utah. I love watching my daughter dance and could watch her and her group dance for hours I love the fact that they are learning just how beautiful it is to BE Polynesian, I love watching her perform in front of people, watching all eyes on her and watching her hold their attention, she has grown up to be such a beautiful young women..

Here are a few shots from our PRACTICE shoot that I held with my daughter and niece, hope you like them. There are more to come..

If you would like to book Mohekonokono for an event that you are having feel free to call Ame at 801-577-2690 trust me you wont regret it..

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Kula Family of Herriman.. BTW its NOT Kearns.. lol

Meet the Kula family of Herriman.. I met up with them for a quick photo shoot and I mean quick. I haven't seen the father of this family for some time, I've known him for as long as I can remember, we grew up next door to each other infact most of my childhood memories include him and some "STUFF" he did as a child.. lol.. (but thats a whole different POST..) Oh we laughed during most of this photo shoot reminiscing and laughing and then reminiscing some more. Mr Kula (I guess I can call you that know because your not the little boy from next door anymore lol) you have a beautiful family, I guess we (Me, Emeline, Melanie, Driza and Christina) we GREAT examples to you.. haha haha..

So this photo just goes to show how FUNNY I am.. He would NOT smile during the shoot, once I turned on my charming personality.. lol.. it was done, his laughing was contagious.. Yes everyone I'm that good.. lol.. Dont believe HIS version I DID NOT threaten him.. lol