Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Iongi Triplets....

I love shooting the triplets.. They are so beautiful.. You gotta love it when they come beautiful and they listen... They love to have their pictures taken, and most of the time they were ready to pose before I even called them up to do it.. lol.. Good luck to you Daddy when these three grow up, get ready for a battle.. hahahaha..

Just in case you guys dont think Im funny... Here's some shots to make you think again... Because I'm hecka FUNNY... hahahaha
Not.. Ok you caught me, those of you that really know me know I'm not this funny.. Their dad ended up making funny monkey faces behind me..

The Team Mom Family

What can I say about this family.... Hmmmm.. We had so much fun shooting that the laughs never stopped.. lol.. The older son Tanner is going through his I'm COOL stage so making him laugh was a struggle. I ended up reminding him that I'm COOL so it was Ok to smile for me.. Guess what it worked.. These boys have such a special bond with their parents that I'm actually jealous.. They are the true meaning of a family that plays together stays together.. There is such love and support between them that you end up admiring them...
Thanks for letting me capture your family pictures.. It was so fun..

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Leituala Family

I have known the Leituala family for what seems like forever.. And its been a great forever.. Merv (the dad) was my oldest son Davids lil league football coach from the age of 8. He got stuck with the job of showing US (meaning ME) the proper way to put the football pads on in his pants, who knew the knee pads went in the knees... hahahaha.. Now I'm a pro..
Merv and Julie have such a beautiful family and such well behaved kids.. Their kids are the kids that you tell your kids they can hang out with.. Did that make sense? They are such a busy family, all of the kids are involved in at least 2 things each during the whole year.. The oldest son plays football for Kearns, if you don't recognize him, you'll probably recognize him from the back, he's the one running past you and getting into the end zone... GOOOO FOAI... so talented and yet so humble, that's how all the kids are. You can tell they come from great parents who lead by example..
Thank you for letting me capture your beautiful family although I must admit you guys make my job very easy...
A BIG thank you to Merv for taking my son and putting him on the "A" team when he was 8.. I will never forget the day he came running out of the group meeting yelling "Mom, Mom, Mom I made the "A" team" and me looking all confused asked if that's a good team and Julie coming to my rescue and explaining the WHOLE splitting of the team. I'm glad I didn't know that beforehand I would of been a nervous wreck..

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Tupoumalohi Family

Usually when I shoot a family there is a certain time slot allotted for it.. Oh say at least an hour for small families more if its a big family.. I am pleased to say I shot this in 20 minutes .. And No I'm not kidding. Sarah needed some updated photos of her family and she needed them quick I mean 2 day notice type of quick. Between our busy schedules and our kids busy schedules the only time we had was after our kids football games and before another BIG shoot of mines, on Saturday.. I met them at the park at 5pm (but they didn't show up till 5:10pm.... Husbands have no sense of time when it comes to photo sessions.. haahaha) we had a quick photo session and I was in my car on my way to the other location by 5:30pm.. I think the photo session turned out NICE real nice, but when you've got a beautiful family any photo session is going to turn out nice.. Sarah I'm glad we were able to get some new family photos for you, you have a beautiful family.. Let me know when we can have a REAL session..