Monday, June 28, 2010

The Mounga Family

I have known the mother of this family I think my whole life.. I mean we go way back, like when we were both in pig tails and fluffy dresses back.. Yes that's how far back we go... lol
And just look at her now 8 beautiful kids a handsome husband and figure any women would die for.. (you already knew I was gonna throw that in Betty lol) I had so much fun with this shoot, the kids are so polite and so well behaved the shoot went pretty fast, I thought for sure it was going to take longer then it did, but it didn't. Every time I complimented one of the kids they smiled at me and would say "Thank you", and when they would ask if they could see the pictures on my camera they always said "Please". Wow Please and Thank You, Betty and Frank you both are doing something right, keep it up..
Thanks for allowing me to capture your 1st official photos of the whole family.. Now let me know the secret of your get back in shape program and we'll call it even.. lol..

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Lotulelei Family

From day one when the mother of this family contacted me for this family I shoot I was excited, I knew this was gonna be (wow that's bad grammar) a fun shoot.. And boy was I right. A handsome husband, beautiful wife, and 3 handsome boys, I mean how could it not be a great shoot.. This is a sporty family volleyball, tennis and football for the boys.. I wont mention the football team because its the wrong one.. lol.. Just kidding Hunter Lil League is who the oldest son plays for we spoke about the rules for weight and how both our oldest sons would be a lineman for a long time, don't worry Hunter, the line is where the action is.. Without the line those running backs wouldn't get into the end zone.. lol..
Thanks for a fun shoot Lotulelei family, thanks for allowing me to capture your precious moments as a family.. I know I promised only 5 pictures but my daughter and I were fighting over which family picture we liked so both went up.. Hope you like em..
Plus I had to throw in the singles of the boys, they are just so cute...

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Bailey Family

This was such a fun shoot, I shot the larger family the same day, but then took the time to shoot the smaller family groups.. What a beautiful family mom gorgeous, husband handsome, children beautiful... I'm telling you I could of shot them all day.. Thanks for allowing me to capture your beautiful family...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Brown Family

As much as I've enjoyed all the senior photos I've been taking, trust me there is something in photographing young adults as they enter into the REAL world that puts a whole new light on things.. lol..
I can't tell you how excited I was to receive a call from this family for a photo shoot.. I love all the aspects of photography but for some reason my heart always goes back to family photos..
When I first saw all of them getting out of the car I thought to myself wow what a beautiful family, I hope they are the ones I'm shooting.. But I didn't see Kiki Anitoni she was the only one I knew I got out of my car and asked with a confused look "Are you guys with Kiki", then they answered "Yes".. Wow I thought "Yeah... And their good looking.." I know I talk to myself a lot.. Trust me its A lot.. lol
Brown family, thank you for being such an easy shoot.. Thank you for allowing me to capture your beautiful family.. Thanks for sitting on the wet grass and laying on dirt, sidewalk and mud with a family as gorgeous as yours you could all lay anywhere and it would still be a beautiful photo..
P.S. I know which family photo your all waiting for... But good things come to those who wait... hahahaha...