Friday, December 20, 2013

A beautiful family, even in the freezing cold..

Thank you Robyn for bringing your beautiful kids into the freezing cold, all bundled up and everything.. The kids were at first excited to be out in the snow, for kids I guess that's fun.  But as soon as the fun was done and it was time to take pictures, the cold set in, and we were in a hurry.
I think we got great shots before we called it enough and took the kids into the warm car.. You have a beautiful family Robyn, kids are growing up so fast and they are great kids, they listened quick and helped when we needed a smile out of the little ones..
Thanks again Robyn, Wishing your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year..

Monday, December 2, 2013

My oldest nephew, and his family.. All grown now..

The photo above pretty much sums up the photo shoot, she was done with the boys and the boys were done with her.. lol

This temple (Oquirhh temple) has special meaning to this family its where they were sealed for all time and eternity.
The father of this beautiful family is the OLDEST grandchild.. He's been with us since birth, so I'm kind of partial when I say he is a great father, and has such a beautiful family. I'm sorry I lost the photos, but now that they are found, we can enjoy the summer weather, during this cloudy, windy day in December..
I love you guys, and cant wait to see what the future holds for you and your young family..

Monday, November 4, 2013

Meet the Verniuw Family

Introducing the Verniuw Family.. This has to be one of my easiest family shoots I've had EVER.. The mother of this beautiful bunch called a mutual friend of mines and asked who took their family photos, they gave them my info, she asked the friend to call me and book me and that was it, the first time I even spoke with her was at the shoot, she even sent our mutual friend to my house with the payment in full.. Now when I say easy I mean easy.. lol.
During the shoot I could see just how kick back the family really was, the son lives in Alaska and was heading home the next day, so of course the mom of the bunch wanted family pictures, I suggested a place to our mutual friend and she agreed, we met, the family was kick back, down for whatever (did I just say DOWN FOR WHATEVER... omg if my kids read this, the comments they will have.. lol) I asked them to do and here is the end results in less then 30 minutes.. The photo shoot actually lasted about 45 minutes, due to some distractions that were "making out" behind us so we kinda had to wait for them to leave.. lol.. LOOOONG STORY.. lol..
Thanks for allowing me capture your beautiful family Syndee, I cant wait for our next family session.. 

Been gone for to long.. Blame FOOTBALL, VOLLEYBALL, MISSION CALLS and just life in general..

My daughter Lelu made the Kearns High Varsity Volleyball team as a freshman.. Gooo Lelu.
Guesses were made as to where my oldest son would serve a mission, and MOM guessed it right.. Auckland, New Zealand Tongan speaking.. So proud of him.
My son David entering the house of the Lord..
The crew at the East vs Kearns game..
My sophomore son Sione Finau playing RB and corner and some other positions for Kearns High Varsity.. #10
My senior son  Amone (Mone) Finau plays WR, Corner and some other positions for Kearns High.. 
Sione with a sack.. #10
#20 Amone Finau
Amone Finau
Sione Finau
Amone Finau
Amone Finau
TWINS.. above and below
One of my favorite shots, both my boys #10 & #20
Sione Finau #10 he's coming for ya..
When you have 6 kids, what it really means is you have 6 different places to be at once, all demanding places and require your undivided attention to whatever or where ever it is your at.  Between volleyball, football, mission call and a 1st grader and kindergartener my time as a photographer always seems to take a back seat.. But both seasons are done, and I can cross 2 things off my list so now I can finally find some time for photography.. Yea!!!!!! So heres to a great season by all my kids, mommy is so proud of you.. Time for some much needed MOMMY time and her photography..
Photo credit: Prep action Photography, Mr Floyd (QB's dad) and every ones phone (to many to list.. lol)

Monday, August 26, 2013

The Chandler Family...

 The above shot is how the pose started, but the below shot is how it ended up.. I am going to have to say "NO COMMENT",  on the fathers pose.. I just cant seem to find the right words to describe it, maybe something with his past before he became a respected member of his community.. I don't know.. lol

                                            The above shot is so cute, the little boy said he wanted
                                             a picture with his favorite sister.. Awwwhhh.. Love it..
 Of course if your mom looks this great, then of course the daughters will turn out just as hot..
Meet the Chandler family of Africa and St George, UT. I grew up with the mom and to be honest with you, she has always looked this young and this HOT.. yes I said this HOT..
I love to photograph this family, this is the 2nd time we've done a family session with them, and wow how they have all grown up in 2 years, but the love you can sense when they are together is priceless. They make each other laugh, they have a ton on inside jokes (I'm assuming or maybe they were laughing at me.. lol).. The Dad is crazy, the mom beautiful so with that combination you have crazy, beautiful kids. lol.. They find humor in everything and love to be around each other, exactly what a family should be like..
Ofa thanks for allowing me to capture you family at this stage in their lives, what an honor..

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Logan Johnson Tapusoa

Introducing Logan Johnson Tapusoa.. Class of 2013.. Salt Lake Center for Science Education.. I met Logan and his mother ( Lina Tapusoa) for a brief, now when I say brief I mean brief.. 20 minutes and thats it.. photo session.. For some reason Lina was in a hurry.. NOt sure to where, but in a hurry.. lol.. I hope you like your photos Logan, if not blame your mom.. hahaha..
COngratulations on your graduation Logan, when your rich and famous please please please remember me..