Monday, April 27, 2009

The Tongolei Family.....

This was a very special shoot for me.. Not because the MOM of this little family is my beautiful little sister Christina, or because her 3 boys are my cute nephews this shoot had a whole different reason for being special, my brother in law David Tongolei is being called to serve his country in Iraq, he will be leaving this Friday for 16 months. I can not tell you all how much his family will miss him, David is the best husband, daddy, son, brother, brother in law, uncle, coach, scoutmaster and friend to all who know him. He is loved so much he just had 4 different "parties" thrown for him this past weekend: Work, Scouts, Lil League Football team and Christinas family. David and Christina have a special love for each other, they have been married for 10yrs and they still act like they are dating (oh how would it be).. They both hold a special bond with their 3 boys and you can see it when they are all together. David thank you so much for all you do for my family, and for being my boys #1 fan at all their sporting events. May the Lord bless you David and your family and watch over you as you answer the call to serve our country and defend our freedom. We love you uncle David...
A big Thank you goes out to my FORCED assistance my sister Lelu and my son Amone.. Love you guys...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Ladies of the Sorensen Family

How much fun was this family? They are all as gorgeous as they are smart, and they all have a sparkling personality to complete the package.. I love it.. This was a multi-shoot (is that a word).. Sara is my sister in law (Older brother Jeff's wife) she is graduating from The University Of Phoenix with her Masters in science, school counseling (Go Sara!!!!) So we did cap and gown photos for her. Her younger sister Ashley is a High School Senior at Springville High School, she will be attending USU in Logan Utah this fall so we shot Senior Pictures for her.. Sara's nephew turned 2 so we did birthday shots for him (Happy Birthday), and since we had all the girls together, we decided to do a Mother/Daughter picture.. My brother Jeff is so lucky to be blessed with such great in-laws you can see and feel the love that this family has for one another, there is a special bond between mother/daughters, sisters, mother/son, grandmother/grandson, aunties/nephew and watching them interact with each other was a joy..
Thank you for letting me spend a Saturday morning with you all oh and before I forget Thanks for lunch...
Congratulations Sorensen family your family has been very blessed..

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Introducing the beautiful.... Utu Bloomfield

Is this the most beautiful girl you have ever seen or what? Let me tell you it was not hard to make these pictures look great, when you start with a model like Utu trust me you can't go wrong.. A million thank yous go out to Utu and her family for allowing me to take her senior pictures the last year of high school is a biggie.. After this year Utu will be taking on the world.. My money is on Utu..
Love ya Utu..

Aarron & Brisha Po'uha

I love this family.. This is my nephew Aarron's family (brother Jeffs oldest son).. What can I say about them, I have known Aarron his whole life, I've babysat, fed, burped and yes even diapered Aarron.. LOL.. He is our oldest grandson so we feel like he is our brother.. Aarron is attending school at SUU in Cedar City he is playing football, going to school and raising a young family I'm telling you there is nothing this boy cant do.. (I'm a little bias).. And Aarron could not be a SUPERMAN if it wasn't for the loving support of his wife Brisha, she is a wonderful wife and mother to the boys, during our session I could see the connection she has with both her boys and I also could see the love that she has for her husband.. Keep this family in mind, there is nothing but BIG things in the future for them.. Love ya

Mr & Mrs Mataele

I was so grateful to take this couples pictures, they were so much fun.. When we got to our location Nia asked me to make her look like a model in her pictures and then she laughed.. Nia you look beautiful, I think I accomplished our mission for the shoot.. LOL.. Congratulations on your marriage ( I took these awhile ago, the wedding has already taken place) the wedding was a blast, the food was good and the dance contest held there was fun.. May the Lord bless you both as you enter a new chapter in your lives...