Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Kinikini Family

This family is simply amazing. I can always tell how much love a family has by the way they are towards each other and especially the way the parents are to the children. All these kids were great with each other and so helpful with the baby. They each wanted a turn tending to her. Marie thank you for calling me and allowing me to capture your first official EVERYONE included family picture. You have a beautiful family,

Monday, November 14, 2016

Kerstein Laws... Dancing....

Kerstein Laws is a member of the 2016-2017 Kearns High School Drill Team, she has a beautiful smile and is so graceful its beautiful. Have fun Kerstein..

The Tauteoli family

There is something about taking family pictures because you know one of your children is about to leave and serve an LDS Mission, families seem to appreciate each other more, the kids tend to fight less and the photo shoot goes a little smoother. Watching the parents stare at their oldest son preparing to leave brings a little solemn to the shoot. They know he is doing what they raised him to do, and I can tell he will be an amazing missionary.
Thank you Tauteoli family for allowing me to capture your family moments. Cant wait for Elder Tauteoli to return so we can hear all about it.

The Kalonihea wedding

I had a wonderful time shooting this wedding. The bride and groom are so in love I would catch them giving each other the look, like "We did it" look. Thank you for allowing me to capture your beautiful day, I know it is one that will be remembered.

Seniors from the class of 2016


I've totally slacked on keeping this blog up to date. I've been a combination of busy, raising kids, raising myself (lol), being married and last but the most important LAZY. That always gets the best of me.
Here are a few of the seniors from C/O 2016 that I failed to post. Congratulations to all of them, may your future be as bright as your smile.