Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sneak Peek... The Leo Family

I was blessed to have Julie (the oldest daughter of this beautiful family) ask me to capture some memories for her family, which included her mother and her brothers and sister and all their spouses and children. I have known Julie for what seems like forever now, and we have grown to be great friends (even though she went to Granger and I went to Kearns she is totally forgiven because her boys play for Kearns High and lil league so she is now a full true COUGAR).. Thanks for a great Saturday evening I now know why their kids are so great, they learn from the example of ALL the adults in their lives, grandma, mom, dad, uncles and aunts you can tell the bond between this family is unbreakable..
Oh and one last thing... GOOOOOO Foai.....

P.S. If your wondering why this sneak peek has so many pictures, its because I promised every family that their would be one picture for each of them.. I didn't say which one... So enjoy the one of one of their kids.. Gotta leave ya with something to look forward to..

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Football season

My son the running back
My oldest #63 being doubled teamed and still getting through.. Just like his momma taught him
My son sacking the quarter back
My nephew getting through and making the tackle.. His dad has the exact same shot of him when he was playing for ISU.. How cool is that..

I've been taking a small break from photo sessions, life has the photographer in me on a small pause.. Football season is upon us and nothing takes up ALL our time like football season. With 3 sons and 1 nephew playing we are ON (literally) the field everyday.. So I've been practicing my sport shots getting pictures of my kids and nephew.. I love when I get that perfect shot of them.. And trust me the boys like it to.. lol.. So here's to all you mothers/sisters/aunties who have to sit at football practices, games and meetings whether it be in the sun, rain or snow.. You are the best..
I have some family photo sessions coming up this weekend, I'm pretty excited for them..

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Meet the Misinale family

Have you ever seen a grandma look so good?

Meet the beautiful, talented (and available) Morena Kalo Misinale..

Everyone should have a walk on the beach shot with their mom.. Its a great mom and daughter moment.. Love it..

Meet the lovely and very talented Misinale family.. I can not tell you how much I love this family. This is a family I've known from waaayyy back in the days, you know when hot pink and hot yellow was the IN color to wear... Every time I see them I'm quickly reminded about how fast time flies..
The MOM of this amazing group is wonderful, she tells it like it is and there is no if, ands or buts about it.. (she reminds me of my mom, they must be related.. lol). She is truly the glue that holds this family together (like a mom is suppose to be).. These grand kids are so lucky to have a grandma that is so active in their lives, she is one of the best I can tell you that.. Each and every one of them have a great relationship with each other, they are all so close the sisters work together and they support each other with everything they each have a great relationship with their brothers I can see it when they interact with each other, its to the point where you cant tell who the in laws are and who the original siblings are thats how close they all are..
Thank you Misinale Family for allowing me to spend the afternoon with you, thanks for making me laugh..

You gotta love a family that will give you a GOOFY face shot... Every ones personality comes out in these kinds of shots..
Can you tell how much fun I had?

The Beautiful Pauni Family

Every mom should have 4 sons.. (its the cool thing to have) lol

Someone has Daddy wrapped around her little finger..

The Pauni family was so much fun to shoot.. I love when families come ready to shoot, it makes my job a lot easier. I've known this couple for a very long time (the mom since birth lol).. I knew them when they were dating and I am happy to report that HE still treats HER like he did when he was dating her.. (how cute is that).. When he smiles he still looks at her as if to make sure she is smiling too.. (I know how romantic).. Ok enough mooshy stuff.. They have such well behaved kids which is a photographers dream.. Thank you Haloti and Sinai for allowing me to capture your love for each other as a couple and as a family..

I love the jump shots.. Remember what I said about families that will do this pose for me.. Thats right.. They are toooo cooool...