Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The beautiful bride.. Emma Filiaga (well know she is a Emma Filiaga Naeata..)

 Introducing the beautiful Bride.. Emma, when photos were taken she was a Filiaga, but now that they are posted she is.. Emma Filiaga Naeata..
Emma was a trooper for the photo shoot, she climbed, faced the wind in her eyes, sat on bugs, walked through bird poop (yes I said poop.. lol) faced her mom, sister, aunt and photographer telling her to smile through it all, she is truly a photographers dream.
Emma met her groom through friends and  from his brother, thank goodness they met, what a beautiful couple. I can tell how much she loves him, when I asked about him and how they met, she would smile and get all shy.. Emma congratulations on your wedding, may you always smile, and get shy when someone asks you about your husband, and may he realize what a lucky man he is..

 If everyone could see what we went through for this picture (above).. They would all laugh, seeing a bride on a boulder and the photographer on the next boulder (in slippers).. But the photo is well worth the life defying stunts.. lol..

 For some reason the more I look at this photo (above) the more it becomes my FAVORITE.. You look beautiful Emma..

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