Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Aumua Family

Have you ever meet a group of people for the first time, and within a few seconds felt like you've known them your whole life....Meet the Aumua family.. Sunshine called and asked for a photo session for her whole family they would be in town for a baptism, I agreed I love to shoot big groups. After a few scheduling mishaps we finally met at 10:00pm.. That's right I said 10:00pm.. I found a place to fit that many people on short notice (thank you Hampton Inn) and a shoot began.. This family is so funny and so kick back you could not tell it was that late. The kids are so well behaved that changing from group to group was not a problem (apparently they are scared of Auntie Sunshine LOL).. The Aumua family introduced me to the real "kick back" feeling that you get from being raised in Hawaii. Sunshine, thank you for letting me meet your beautiful family.
Love you guys..
A big thank you goes out to my sister/assistant Lelu Po'uha.. Love ya sis


  1. Hey Loyann! these fliks are so nice! You did a great job capturing Sun's Family!

  2. Scared of you Loyann! Way to work it:)

  3. Loyann..I didn't know your a photographer your awesome sis, love the photos woohoo now I have a photographer for my WEDDING hahahaha can I find someone first LOL, when I do I'ma hit you up...Love yah and keep up the awesome job.