Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Introducing an upcoming talent Thomas Satini....

Thomas Satini is an upcoming STAR.. Remember his name everyone..
Thomas loves to write songs, poems and short stories he is an amazing street/hiphop dancer, he sings, acts and plays the guitar and drums and football... But all this comes 2nd to his love of art.. His goal is to write/produce music.. Right now he is pursing his acting career (because his mama says to) LOL.. All of this and he is still a straight A student..
Coming from a single parent home Thomas has taken on the role as the MAN of the house, and trust me he can handle it all, he is very calm in nature, and will triumph through everything life has in store for him.. Thank you Thomas for allowing me to see your talent first hand and to take pictures of you as you begin your journey to a goal that only YOU can reach..

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