Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Mauigoa Family

The Mauigoa family was visiting from out of town.. The husband was so funny he kept shaking and saying how do you guys live in this weather.. I laughed and said in my T-shirt what weather.. This is still warm.. He started laughing and says You guys are crazy.. lol.. I love it when out of towners (is that a word lol ) come here I love to watch their face as they watch everyone in amazement wear shorts in winter.. Guess when your from Utah you become IMMUNE to the weather.. Except for today it was REALLY REALLY cold..
I have known the mom of this family for a long time, and can I just tell you that she looks as beautiful as she did from back then.. I know I cant stand people like that.. LOL.. Mele thanks for letting me capture your family and thank your husband for braving the weather for me and coming outside so I could take some photos.. lol.. You have a beautiful family..


  1. I just LOVE stopping by your blog to check out your work...you are an awesome photographer! Everything you shoot turns out so nice! I can't wait for you to come shoot my little princess whenever she decides to get here.....

  2. I love your photographic skills, Loyann:)I haven't been by in a while but your pics. and the families they portray never cease to amaze me..you go girl:)Here's to a successful 2010 and may it bring you an abundance of blessings and prosperity. luv ya..Maopa

  3. Great job on these family portraits! :-)