Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Lotulelei Family

From day one when the mother of this family contacted me for this family I shoot I was excited, I knew this was gonna be (wow that's bad grammar) a fun shoot.. And boy was I right. A handsome husband, beautiful wife, and 3 handsome boys, I mean how could it not be a great shoot.. This is a sporty family volleyball, tennis and football for the boys.. I wont mention the football team because its the wrong one.. lol.. Just kidding Hunter Lil League is who the oldest son plays for we spoke about the rules for weight and how both our oldest sons would be a lineman for a long time, don't worry Hunter, the line is where the action is.. Without the line those running backs wouldn't get into the end zone.. lol..
Thanks for a fun shoot Lotulelei family, thanks for allowing me to capture your precious moments as a family.. I know I promised only 5 pictures but my daughter and I were fighting over which family picture we liked so both went up.. Hope you like em..
Plus I had to throw in the singles of the boys, they are just so cute...

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