Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Mounga family + a graduation

Ring... Ring.. Ring..
Me: "Hello"
David "Mom I lost my money."
Me "What money."
David "My money that you gave me, can you come bring me some money I'm here in Provo with no money mom and I'm hungry."
Me "David didn't you eat with the rest of the football camp kids?"
David "Yes, but I'm still hungry and they are ordering pizza, please mom can you come?"
Me "The younger kids have things to do and I cant come until later tonight when your dad gets home to stay with them."
David "Please please please please mom can you come right now."
That was the phone call I received while my son attended BYU football camp this year, and as would any mom my heart fell for his lil hungry cries (even though I knew he had eaten).. I called my husband and told him HIS son had called and needed some money and for him to leave work and go take him money, my husband of course responded he's fine and can wait until we go tomorrow, I hung up on him ( for those of you not married that's code for I'M MAD.. lol) 2 minutes later my husband called back and told me he called his friend that lives in Provo and him and his wife would run David some money... A short time after my son called and said "Oh thank you mom they brought it.."
And you all guessed it.. This is the family that ran and took money to my son David..
This story was just to show everyone the kind of family the Mounga family is.. ( I'm not sure if the sentence before this was grammar correct lol) I could never tell them how much I appreciate them for saving my sanity. I knew that I would of thought of nothing else except my son and getting him his money.. (by the way for those of you that know my son know that he really would of been fine without the money) yes my husband says I baby them to much.. lol..
Va congratulations on completing your schooling, what an example you are to us mothers who keep thinking it cant be done or that it would be to hard. You have set such an example to everyone.. And again THANK you for saving my sanity and easing my heart by taking money to a kid you had never met and for a mother you hadn't met yet... May the Lord be with you and your family as you enter a new chapter in your life, and may the students at BYU nursing know how lucky they are to have you as a teacher next semester...

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