Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuiasoa Family

Have you ever seen a family where every single member of that family is well... BEAUTIFUL... That is the case with the Tuiasoa family, the sons handsome, the daughters beautiful, the parents all of the above and then some.. lol.. I have known this family forever (well that's what it seems like).. The parents are such kind hearted (not sure the spelling) people you can only imagine how the kids have all turned out.. I can see a little bit of the parents in each of them, the way they laugh, smile and the way they treat each other and especially their spouses these siblings were raised with love, that you can tell... I have childhood memories with them, some good some WE ALL NEED TO FORGET (hint hint) and some brought us to such a laughter tears were coming out.. I love this family, thank you guys for such a wonderful afternoon its always good to get together with family...


  1. Love Love it Loyann!! You did such a good job...

    Ofa Atu,
    Ampee Lomu

  2. Thank you Loyann for capturing some beautiful keepsakes that we will always cherish!

    'Ofa lahi atu, Stranz, Nia & family

  3. Oh my goodness....I LOVE them!! Besides this being a BEAUTIFUL family, you're photography work, once again Loyann is AMAZING!! great job!