Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Mataele Family

When I was first contacted by Sasha, the mother of this beautiful family, her text wrote "Hi LoyAnn, I've seen all your pictures and you pass the test, wondering if you could schedule my family for some pictures." I couldn't help but laugh, I was laughing because I was glad I'd passed someone test.. lol.. Thanks for the compliment Sasha it really really means a lot..
After 2 weather cancellations.. I am happy to finally say... Meet the Mataele family... They are such a young, beautiful family and they were a joy to photograph. The baby (and the parents) endured the cold to get through this photo shoot (the mom really needed them for Christmas gifts.) I love to photograph new families they are in their growing stages with each other and with being a parent, so they always look to each other with a "Am I doing this right" type of look.. Lona & Sasha may you two always look to each other for help and may the other one always look back to help. Your son is lucky to have you both as parents and so is your "Almost here" son, ( If you cant tell Sasha is pregnant with their 2nd son..)..
Thanks for trusting me with your first official family photos I hope you like them as much I do..


  1. they're a cute couple..beautiful work,Loyann! Love it:)

  2. Awww... **tear** LoyAnn I LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH! Your humor and personality made our photoshoot so much fun!! :) Actually made my husband SMILE!! haha Thanks again so much. Your the BEST!! seriously. No compliment only TRUTH!! We Love You! :) And you ALWAYS pass the test in our book. haha :):):)