Monday, November 4, 2013

Meet the Verniuw Family

Introducing the Verniuw Family.. This has to be one of my easiest family shoots I've had EVER.. The mother of this beautiful bunch called a mutual friend of mines and asked who took their family photos, they gave them my info, she asked the friend to call me and book me and that was it, the first time I even spoke with her was at the shoot, she even sent our mutual friend to my house with the payment in full.. Now when I say easy I mean easy.. lol.
During the shoot I could see just how kick back the family really was, the son lives in Alaska and was heading home the next day, so of course the mom of the bunch wanted family pictures, I suggested a place to our mutual friend and she agreed, we met, the family was kick back, down for whatever (did I just say DOWN FOR WHATEVER... omg if my kids read this, the comments they will have.. lol) I asked them to do and here is the end results in less then 30 minutes.. The photo shoot actually lasted about 45 minutes, due to some distractions that were "making out" behind us so we kinda had to wait for them to leave.. lol.. LOOOONG STORY.. lol..
Thanks for allowing me capture your beautiful family Syndee, I cant wait for our next family session.. 

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