Monday, November 4, 2013

Been gone for to long.. Blame FOOTBALL, VOLLEYBALL, MISSION CALLS and just life in general..

My daughter Lelu made the Kearns High Varsity Volleyball team as a freshman.. Gooo Lelu.
Guesses were made as to where my oldest son would serve a mission, and MOM guessed it right.. Auckland, New Zealand Tongan speaking.. So proud of him.
My son David entering the house of the Lord..
The crew at the East vs Kearns game..
My sophomore son Sione Finau playing RB and corner and some other positions for Kearns High Varsity.. #10
My senior son  Amone (Mone) Finau plays WR, Corner and some other positions for Kearns High.. 
Sione with a sack.. #10
#20 Amone Finau
Amone Finau
Sione Finau
Amone Finau
Amone Finau
TWINS.. above and below
One of my favorite shots, both my boys #10 & #20
Sione Finau #10 he's coming for ya..
When you have 6 kids, what it really means is you have 6 different places to be at once, all demanding places and require your undivided attention to whatever or where ever it is your at.  Between volleyball, football, mission call and a 1st grader and kindergartener my time as a photographer always seems to take a back seat.. But both seasons are done, and I can cross 2 things off my list so now I can finally find some time for photography.. Yea!!!!!! So heres to a great season by all my kids, mommy is so proud of you.. Time for some much needed MOMMY time and her photography..
Photo credit: Prep action Photography, Mr Floyd (QB's dad) and every ones phone (to many to list.. lol)

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  1. Congrats to your Elder, so happy for him! My brother Marcus served that same mission but Samoan speaking. Congrats to Lelu, what a beauty she is, I so would of came and watched her play. Sione and Mone are such talented boys, loving the KTown spirit Loyann. Nice to see you finally update the kids! Hope all is well :)