Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Football season

My son the running back
My oldest #63 being doubled teamed and still getting through.. Just like his momma taught him
My son sacking the quarter back
My nephew getting through and making the tackle.. His dad has the exact same shot of him when he was playing for ISU.. How cool is that..

I've been taking a small break from photo sessions, life has the photographer in me on a small pause.. Football season is upon us and nothing takes up ALL our time like football season. With 3 sons and 1 nephew playing we are ON (literally) the field everyday.. So I've been practicing my sport shots getting pictures of my kids and nephew.. I love when I get that perfect shot of them.. And trust me the boys like it to.. lol.. So here's to all you mothers/sisters/aunties who have to sit at football practices, games and meetings whether it be in the sun, rain or snow.. You are the best..
I have some family photo sessions coming up this weekend, I'm pretty excited for them..


  1. Man this brings back memories of the glory days with Granger! Granger Football 1999!!!

  2. RIGHT on good job again sis, can't wait to see that family shoot...Love yah!! I'm still trying to figure a day my pops available I'll be texting you soon!