Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Mounga Family + casual

After 2 cancels and then trying to find a place to shoot some casual shots, we finally made it.. Thanks to the mom of this beautiful family and her sharp eye for finding some fields and an abandoned house add all that up and what do you have.. you guessed it.. A family photo shoot.. Heck if you know me you know I will meet you anywhere. lol.. The Mounga family loved their Sunday attire photo session they wanted to try some in casual clothes and of course it went smoothly as the last one. Thanks mom and dad for raising some well behaved kids and making it easy for me sail through this one.. Enjoy..

This is my favorite shot of the session.. Beti you look HOT and you dont even look like you have 8 kids and now I know why Frank picked you..ha ha ha.. Love ya girl..

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