Friday, July 23, 2010

Laita Kalama Leatutufu & Tishina Perry soon to be Mr & Mrs

This couple was so much fun to shoot, with just a few words he could make her smile and not just any smile I mean the smile that we use to do when we were little girls and we had a crush on that little boy in the playground, you know what smile I'm talking about.. (your doing in right now and remembering that little boy.. ) I love to hear about the stories behind the couple, without going into too much detail, this couple will stand the test of time and boy do they have a love story to tell their children and their children's children.
Laita and Tishina congratulations on your upcoming wedding may the Lord watch over you both as you enter this new stage in your life, and may he bless you with smiles your whole lifetime together....


  1. I love them, thank you so much Loyann.. Ur the BEST...

  2. yay!!! they r sooo cute!!! She has a beautiful smile!! Congrats brother!! love you guys!

  3. thanks loyann! I did see you at Lagoon though!! ahaha. Susi pointed you out in a distance with all your kids!!! hehehee... I'm sure we'll meet soon, from what I hear, I think you'll be taking our fam pics as soon as the wedding craze is done with!! love ur work!! take care xoxo