Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Filimoeatu Family

What a beautiful young family, the dad handsome the mom gorgeous which can only lead to one thing the children are absolutely adorable.
The Filimoeatu family live a very busy life with 2 young kids and both parents being in school (Snow College) one can only imagine how busy their schedules are. I applaud all who have kids and go to school at the same time.. (hey I applaud all that choose to go to school lol). I really hope daddy got the kids some candy, because he kept promising that to them and of course WE (meaning all the adults at the shoot) had none to our name.. (that's probably a first I'm sure.. lol)..
Thank you Filimoeatu family for allowing me to capture your family at such a precious stage in their lives. I see only great things in your future, I see you reaching all you goals and more..