Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Introducing Baby Paul Soliai Jr

Sometimes when we put things in the Lords hands and follow him, he blesses families with a gift that is worth far more then anything we could of hoped for..

Meet Baby Paul Soliai Jr truly a "Gift from God".

I like to watch people when I go on shoots and especially baby shoots, Mom was so nervous she and her sisters (oh the sisters require a whole different post just for them .. lol) went shopping for clothes, props and even googled different poses and different ways to take baby photos and had a million and one different ideas of what to do. I love when my clients are ready and know what they want. Dad on the other hand is still in the "Am I gonna drop him stage, because he is so little." but when dad held him you could see his whole heart was wrapped up in that little blanket, he could do NO wrong. After all that preparation what do we get a SLEEPY, DON'T TOUCH ME, DON'T MOVE ME, FEED ME, NO I WONT OPEN MY EYES mood.. What else really are we to expect. This baby has it all, 3 mamma's 1 grandma (oh and dont mess with the grandma, every time baby Paul cried she threatened all of us, and yes including me.. lol). When it was all said and done and all the threats and laughs (Thanks Bev for being a good sport.. lol) were done we could only get the poses that Baby Paul would let us.. After all HE IS THE BOSS OF US.. ha ha ha

Soliai family thanks for allowing me to capture your babies first photos, I'm so excited to watch you both grow in a different way that parenthood can only take you. You have both been blessed with him and he will change things up (trust me.). I can already see he holds you both in the palm of his hands. May the Lord guide your family as you learn to become great parents I see you both are already off to a great start..

UPDATE: A huge SHOUT OUT goes to Jr Patane for finally taking control of this baby (trust me this baby is spoiled beyond your belief.. lol) and having him give me the poses and the shots that will make a household name.. I'm saving those shots for the baby announcements.. ALL HAIL JR..

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  1. My gosh! What a perfect baby! Look at those hairy lil arms and adorable lips. You did an amazing job on the photos!! You're so talented.