Friday, June 3, 2011

A family with one heart.... (or should I say 2)

Have you ever met a family for the first time and for some reason felt like you have known them your whole life, that's how I felt with this family.

The jokes were rolling on both sides and the laughs, lets just say I think everyone at the park thought we were ALL crazy. (yes I said ALL not just ME.. lol)

There is a connection between them that I sensed the moment we started shooting like they all had some inside joke or some special moment that only they share, I could see it in their eyes when they were all laughing at and with each other, they all looked around at each other just to make sure everyone was laughing together.. (lets not forget I'm waaaay funny.. lol..)
The reason for the TITLE.. I have never seen 2 more loved children by a WHOLE family, not just the parents but the WHOLE family .. ( I wont mention the kitty kat song.. however WOW is what I will say about it.. ) The whole family wanted to hold them, sing to them play with them but more importantly LOVE them.. I think I just figured out the secret.. LOVE... Thanks for letting me hang out with you guys today, you all rocked the camera.. ( I seen the "ROCK the camera" statement somewhere and thought I would try it.. lol. ) ENJOY..

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  1. Your posing is just getting better & better!! I love it! I definitely could use some large family posing tips :) Great work!