Saturday, April 28, 2012

Introducing Peisi Kaufusi.. Kearns High School.. Class of 2012

Introducing Miss Kaufusi.. Kearns High School.. Class of 2012.. One of my MOST favorite Senior kids this year, and it helps that she's at Kearns High, did I mention I went to Kearns High.. (Ok I get it once or twice.. lol)
This girl is a NO JOKE (although she's always joking lol) type of girl, get the job done, help others get the job done (Yes she's part of the reason my son Mone is passing Spanish), dont mess with me or anyone that came with me type of girl. She's head strong and knows exactly what it takes to get where she's going. Thank you Peisi for showing me what a strong young women looks like, the hopes and dreams, the goals all in line and all ready for the taking. There is no doubt in my mind Peisi you are headed for greatness, Thanks for letting me capture the beginning of your adventure.. Ofa lahi atu Peisi..
Did I mention she's my niece so I'm kinda one sided when it comes to her.. lol..

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