Monday, May 7, 2012

Introducing.. Ms. Sepa Tatafu.. Class of 2012.. Hunter High School..
 I know what your thinking can she be any prettier.. I thought the same thing when I first met her, such natural beauty and guess what she's even a really really really nice girl.. Manners.. got em.. Please and thank you's.. got em.. Sat in the back seat when we went for the photo shoot which I think is called RESPECT.. got em.. Sepa's an all around girl, and she works.. WHAT.. Yes she goes to school in day and works after, Sepa can I adopt you..
Thanks for letting me capture your Senior photos, you are a photographers dream shoot. Thanks for putting up with my studio, SHHHHHH dont let anyone know about it.. lol..
Congratulations on your graduation, the world is yours for the taking..

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