Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Meet the Taumalolo Family

This boy had my heart at hello..

I heart this family.. Yes I finally jumped on the I HEART bandwagon.. lol.. I've known the momma of this family HER whole life.. lol. ( I just really dated myself with the whole HER life thing.. lol) She use to come to Utah every break she had, summer, Christmas, Spring Break and every break in between and you guessed it she stayed at our house she was really really really close to my sister, in fact those two have soooo many funny stories about everything they've done they really should write a book.. Or start a blog.. In fact Sophia I would like to know how you got so good at climbing rocks in high heels.. haha haha ha..

Joe thanks for putting up with my niece and my sister I guess, since they are connected at the hip.. lol.. Your a very patient man, you remind me of someone I know oh I remember my sisters husband.. haha haha..

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