Sunday, May 29, 2011

Meet the Leakehe Family....

Ohhhh if I could only control the weather.. I WISH I OWNED A WEATHER WAND...

Meet the Leakehe family... This was suppose to be a BIGGER VAENUKU family photo shoot but weather did not permit that. We had been praying and waiting for the weather to clear up and thought around 3pm we would still give it a go because it had cleared up and the sun had started peeking through, so we decided to meet at 5pm at our location, I arrived at 4pm and it still looked good, so I waited right around 5pm rain clouds got darker I snuck this family in real quick for some shots and then it started to really rain.. After an hour of waiting we called it off, and had to reschedule.. Hopefully these family photos keeps everyone excited for the REAL family photo shoot..

Thanks Again Nata for being patient.. Cant wait for the real one..

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