Saturday, May 19, 2012

Introducing Kyle Finneman.. Bingham High School.. Class of 2012

Have you ever met anyone for the first time and you felt like you have known them your whole life.. Thats what happened when meeting this young man and his mom.. I swear we are "COUSINS".. I mean isnt everyone.. lol..
Introducing a very humble, talented and shy young man  Kyle Finneman a senior from Bingham High School.  Kyle I had to throw shy in there, I mean you have to be shy with a mom like that I mean just ask my boys..  lol. Kyle is on the varsity baseball team, he is the team catcher, he is all about Baseball and Academics which will take you far in life Kyle.Kyle has a lot of offers from various colleges and universities but his mom (lol) I mean HE has not chosen which one he will attend, but I'm sure his mom is whispering in his ear. Dont all us (moms) do that..
Kyle congratulations on your upcoming graduation, I know you will take the world by storm..

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