Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Kearns High School.. Senior Ball.. 5-19-2012

 My 2nd oldest Amone Finau and his date Kera Utai.       My oldest son David Finau and his date Paise                                                                                                      

True conversation:
David: "Mom, mom, mom, mom, mom"
Me: "What? stop calling my name a million times."
David: "Can you take my groups Senior Ball pictures please?"
Me: " Can your group afford me? haha haha"
David: "C'mon mom don't be like that, I already told them you would take our pictures then we don't have to spend money on them at the dance."
Me: "So you already told them, and now your asking, don't you guys want the nice ones over there at the dance?"
David: "No our group wants to eat before the dance and then again after the dance, and so we are trying to budget our money so if you take our pictures then that will save us a lot of money."
Me: "Whats in it for me?"
David: "You'll get the pictures at a dance that your always bugging me for, see we both win.."

This boy has been to a lot of school dances and when asked upon return if he and his date took pictures the answer is always "NO the line was to long, or NO its to much money.."
So thank  you son for allowing me to take your groups Senior Ball pictures I can finally have some pictures of you and a date before a dance..
Graduation is coming soon for my oldest, I'm already starting to tear up every time I talk about it I have to change the subject fast.. I know I know I'm pathetic..

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