Thursday, May 17, 2012

Monique and Julia.. East Hollywood High School.. Class of 2012

I love referrals.. It means they already like the way you shoot so a little bit of pressure is off.. I mean just a little..
Monique and Julia are friends with Sepa Tatafu, a senior on this blog. Thanks Sepa, your the best..
Monique and Julia attend East Hollywood High School, a charter school, which from what they tell is totally awesome and is emphasized on the different types film production and all types of arts and media.. (Yes I looked it up.. lol) Both girls are beautiful as you can see for yourself, but have uniquely different personalities, while shooting Monique (pink top) she kept smiling, and I kept giving her instructions on posing when she looked to her mom and smiled, "She makes me feel so beautiful", Monique that is all you girl with inner beauty that  matches your outward beauty you will rule the world.. I kid you not.
Julia (off white top) however was more shy with me, she kept laughing when I looked away and when I ask for a smile she would get all nervous, but when I would ask for a more serious look, she couldn't stop laughing, so I guess reverse psychology works with her.. lol.. She totally reminds me of the girl next door..
Both girls together are so much fun, they couldn't stop laughing..
Monique plans on going into nursing, while Julia plans on heading into a career of cosmetology. Wherever life takes the two of you I have a feeling you will meet it fearlessly and together..
Congratulations to the both of you on your upcoming Graduation..

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