Monday, May 23, 2011

Granger High School.. Class of 2011.. Lati Valele

Lati is a senior at Granger High School home of the Lancers.. (Don't worry K-town I represented!! If that's even how you say that phrase, my kids would die if they read this.. lol..)

After waiting on a mistake on the first apt, we were both at the same park on different ends waiting for each other after an hour of waiting we both left, called each other and realized we were on different ends.. (that was the short part of a long story.. lol) we finally met, what a beautiful young women so full of life and so ready to be out of high school.. Weren't we all? lol..

Lati will be attending LDS Business College after graduation and is ready for all the hard work it takes to go to that school, she really seems to have her head on right..

Lati congratulations on your upcoming graduation, your sooooo ready to take on the world..

Lesson Learned from this Photo shoot: When you are posing your subject and one of the sticks on the ground starts moving... Ummmmm RUN, its not a STICK and scream "SNAKE< SNAKE< SNAKE"... lol.. Your a good sport Lati..

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