Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Kauvaka Kids..

Let me introduce to you the Kauvaka Kids.. The children of Leki and Rachelle Kauvaka. My heart is first with this family and always will be, I have known them since they were all babies and yes I even changed a few of their diapers.. lol.. That just waaay dated me.. lol.. My husband and I owe a lot to Leki and Rachelle taking us in when we were first married, infact our first sons'  middle name is Leki (Sitaleki to be exact) it would've been his first name but Leki came to the hospital insisting that we just put it in the middle. Leki and Rachelle you have raised strong children who stand on their own and you can  be proud of them, spending the afternoon with them they all had me laughing and making me realize WOW, they are great kids.. Rachelles' heart is now with her grandson, and Rachelle I see why? What a heart breaker, reminds me of his daddy.
The kids have been planning this for some time Rachelle, keeping a secret was the hard part.. Happy Mothers Day Rachelle, may your children spoil you rotten. You deserve it..
Thank you Leki and Rachelle for helping a poor couple just starting out. We will never forget you for that and we are always indebted to you, now that Davids 18yrs old and eating us out of house and home, would you like our first born.. lol.. Dont answer that Leki, because I know your saying YES.
Ofa lahi atu,
The Finau Family..

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