Sunday, May 23, 2010

Class of 2010... Noelini Tuiasoa

Noelini is a senior at City Honors High School, in Los Angeles, California.. (Inglewood to be exact, I know she wants me to put that..) when I asked her about her school, because I have been to Inglewood many times and have never heard of that school, she said it was fairly new and that you had to have a great GPA to get in.. I laughed and said "Oh so your one of those smart ones huh!" She laughed and replied "Oh no I have no IDEA how I got in." Noelini I just want you to know I don't believe you, just from spending the afternoon with you I could already tell your a smarty pants.. (Do they still say that..) lol..
Due to the fact that City Honors High School, is strictly an academic high school there are no sports programs offered there, therefore Noelini plays basketball for Inglewood High School, where she is their starting forward.. And just to answer you next question.. They did take STATE.. Wow how would that be.. Beautiful, Smart, and Athletic seems like a triple threat to me.. Noelini will be attending El Camino College after graduation, and then after that she will be conquering the world and then we will see her in the WNBA... The last part of that was just a prediction on my part but I got a 20 that says she will.... By the way can you start a paragraph with the word DUE.. My English teacher must be so proud..
Noelini thank you for allowing me to capture you beautiful smile, charming personality, and your great dance moves... I guess thats why they say INGLEWOOD always up to NO GOOD... hahaha.. Hey I can say what I want about Inglewood, I myself was born there.. ahhahaha


  1. What an amazing job you did Loyann! Lini was telling me how it made her at ease how funny you and your family were. I loved it! Whooo! hehe =)