Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Class of 2010....Mounukiuoleva Finau

Mounukiuoleva Finau (she goes by Moe) is a senior at West High School, when I first met her she was kinda shy and wouldn't open up I did most of the talking (which I guess is normal for me.. lol).. I asked what kind of pictures she wanted like background, what her interest were, she started asking if I knew any graffiti places around here. I told her we could find some we would just drive around.. To our surprise we found a broken train with graffiti on it there was one downfall the sign said "Private Property Union Pacific employees only". We looked at each other and I said "We'll lets just hurry and take some shots near the train and when the police come we will act like we don't speak English". I finally got a laugh and she said "Serious" I said "Well your a minor and I don't speak English so whats the worst thing that could happen they tell us to get off, by then we'll have our shot". After that she opened up and the smiles were endless.
Moe started talking how she's an average student nothing real different about her, but let me tell you most average students don't take just 2 classes their senior year so there has to be something NOT average about her.. She loves art and just hanging out with her family, she cant wait for graduation and is excited about what will come for her next.. Moe I know what ever you do after graduation will be far from average, I can see it in your eyes, I can hear it in your moms voice when she talks about you it all points to the sky and beyond..
Moe your mom wanted to say "Congratulations to my little girl! Don't forget what I always tell you, beauty comes from the inside never the outside."
But dont worry Moe.. You have both.. Lucky..
Thanks for hanging out with me Moe I had a lot of fun..

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