Monday, May 24, 2010

Class of 2010... Victoria Taulanga

Victoria is a senior at Highland High School, she is one of those over achievers you always here about.. lol.. You know the kind you swear your gonna be one of these days.. She plays basketball for Highland, and will be attending BYU Hawaii after graduation..
I have known Victoria for a long time, her mother and I are good friends.. (who cares that I married her relative, I knew her first before I married.. lol..) Victoria is loved by everyone she comes in contact with, even as a baby she was carried by everyone her mother had a hard time keeping track of her because everyone wanted her. I see she still has the same affect on people, when she showed up for her photo session she came with her own entourage.. A stylist, a cheer squad, a position boss (haha Maka), and of course her mother who still looks at Victoria like the world revolves around her, I can see it in her eyes..
Victoria may you know how many hearts you hold in the palm of your hand, and may you care that much in return for all of them.. May you understand how your smile, laughter and being affect your parents, your world is their world. May you learn to achieve all your meant to achieve in this life for your only going up from here.. And Victoria may you someday be able see all that everyone else sees in you..


  1. Victoria is so gorgeous! She's got a million dollar smile!!!

  2. Beautiful absolutely beautiful! love the shot in the field.

  3. Great job Loyann! Victoria is such a beautiful young woman with killer hair! Congrats to her on her acconmplishment!

  4. Wow, she's all grown up and is a beauty! You did awesome Loyann.